Is Lockdown Decepticon?

Is Lockdown Decepticon?

Lockdown was a Decepticon once until he abandoned the cause, fearing their betrayal and became a mercenary.

What kind of transformer is Lockdown?

Lockdown is a Decepticon or unaffiliated mercenary from the live-action film series continuity family.

What faction is lockdown?

Mercenary faction
Lockdown, Bounty Hunter is one of 52 character cards released in Wave 4 of the Transformers Trading Card Game, War for Cybertron: Siege II. Neither Autobot nor Decepticon, Lockdown is a member of the Mercenary faction introduced in the set.

Is Lockdown an original transformer?

Lockdown is a rogue Transformer from the Transformers Animated series. Though labeled a Decepticon in the toyline, he is actually a rogue bounty hunter with no allegiance to the Autobots or Megatron (though he was referred to as a “a disgrace to the glorious name of Decepticon” in the past by Lugnut).

What did Lockdown do to the hidden Transformers?

In exchange for helping find Deadlock, they demanded to be led to the hidden Transformers; if not, they would take Deadlock for their own purposes. Lockdown suggested that Deadlock lead the hidden Transformers into an ambush, and commented that Megatron’s faith in Deadlock had best not be misplaced.

When was the last episode of Transformers deadlock?

It aired on July 26, 2013. The Autobots face against the Decepticon in their final battle that decides the future of Earth and their own kind . The Autobots storm the Nemesis via the outer hull, while Ratchet lets them know he’s heading for the Omega Lock’s control station.

What kind of lock is a deadbolt for?

A deadbolt is often used to complement a spring-bolt lock on an entry door to a building. A deadlock, if it is cylinder operated, may be either single cylinder or double cylinder. A single cylinder deadlock will accept a key on one side of the lock, but is operated by a twist knob on the other side.

How did Megatron get into the deadlock in Transformers?

As he opens the huge portal to ready the firing sequence, he spots Optimus hanging onto the Omega Lock’s structure and is forced to take cover as Optimus opens fire. Megatron soon arrives to engage Optimus directly and orders Shockwave to begin the firing sequence.