Is engineered hardwood as good as hardwood?

Is engineered hardwood as good as hardwood?

Engineered hardwood is often (but not always) more stable. Because of its layers, it’s often stronger than solid hardwood. And, because the layers are perpendicular to each other, there is usually less expansion and contraction, so it allows for a tighter fit, especially during the winter when it’s more dry.

What is bad about engineered wood?

1) A big negative when it comes to engineered floors is their inability to hold up to sanding and refinishing. This can really eat into the life of your flooring, and if the wood used is too thin, your floors won’t be able to be re-finished at all.

What is the best engineered hardwood for dogs?

Prefinished engineered hardwood floors are much more durable and longer lasting, however, and are a great option for dog owners who love the warm appeal of wood flooring. An engineered hardwood flooring like Nydree’s Hardwoof will resist dog scratches and has a finish that goes beyond the floor’s surface.

What is the best wood for engineered wood flooring?

Veneer Wear Layer and Finish The veneer is hardwood, so you can get engineered wood flooring in the same colors and species as solid hardwood flooring. The best engineered wood floors come in oak, maple, mahogany, bamboo, and more.

What kind of flooring does Regal hardwoods make?

Regal Hardwoods is a U.S.-based flooring company that produces high-end engineered wood floors. They also have vinyl plank flooring in natural wood designs. Rustic, decorative accents, like fireplace mantels and beams make up their Reclaimed Antique Beams collection.

What are the environmental considerations of Regal hardwoods?

Environmental Considerations Regal Hardwoods takes great care in providing an environmentally-friendly product. All their wood flooring complies with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Phase 2 Airborne Toxic Control Measure(limiting formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products).

What kind of finish does Regal wood use?

Their Natura Gard finish is a hard-wax oil finish that enhances the natural highlights of the wood’s colors, textures and grain features. The protective coating creates a solid barrier while enhancing the colors and natural look of the wood. It also resists scratches and can you can reapply for touchups down the road.

What kind of cleaner to use on Regal hardwood floors?

When deeper cleaning is necessary, they recommend ProCare Citrus Floor Cleaner (for Titanium ScuffGARD/Urethane finish floors only) or WOCA Natural Soap. It’s hard to say what other consumers think about Regal Hardwood floors.