Is Coppercraft still in business?

Is Coppercraft still in business?

Tandy launched Coppercraft Guild in 1973. It sold solid copper decorative items and various housewares through direct marketing. The products were of good quality, but the company was shut down in 1978. Coppercraft Guild copper items are popular collectibles and are regularly traded on eBay.

Is Coppercraft Guild real copper?

Established in the 1970s, Coppercraft Guild was a direct marketing company out of Taunton, Massachusetts in the US. They specialized in high quality decorative houseware products that were made of solid copper and specially treated so they would not tarnish.

Is Coppercraft solid copper?

Just like Tupperware, Coppercraft Guild equipped their reps with a suitcase full of their copper home goods. Made of solid copper with a special coating to prevent tarnishing, these pieces were focused on design and craftsmanship and were very popular for gift-giving.

How do I clean my copper craft guild?

Last step, enjoy your shiny copper piece!…Here’s what you do:

  1. Fill your sink with warm soapy water, and have a drying towel handy.
  2. Slice lemon in half and generously sprinkle salt over sliced area.
  3. With your gloves on begin rubbing salted lemon over copper surface.
  4. Continue rubbing until tarnish begins to lift.

Are there any vintage pieces from Coppercraft Guild?

The warmth of copper has made a comeback to the style table, and this season is right up there with ‘seen and to be seen’. There are many great pieces to choose from, especially when it comes to vintage barware and home decor pieces made by the well known yet short lived company Coppercraft Guild.

What to get for someone who plays Coppercraft?

Coppercraft Guild wall decor plate, vintage decor, cozy fireplace, spinning wheel, musket and powder horn, acorns around rim. Vintage Coppercraft Guild Copper Moscow Mule Coffee Mug-Great For Any Collection Or Display-Great Gift!

Where do I find the Coppercraft Guild sticker?

As I began finding and collecting more an more vintage copper pieces (mostly to sell in the WAV shop, but there have definitely been a few keepers as well!), I started to notice a familiar-looking sticker on the bottom of a number of the pieces I’d found. The sticker read: Coppercraft Guild – Taunton, Mass.

Where can I find Coppercraft Guild teak chest?

Coppercraft Guild copper items are popular collectibles and are regularly traded on eBay. Look for these items to slowly gain value during the next few years, so hang on to them. My teak chest is carved on the front, sides and top. It has a metal tag reading “George Zee & Co., Kowloon, Hong Kong, Made in China.”