How much is FasTrak toll?

How much is FasTrak toll?

If you open an account using cash or check, FasTrak collects an initial prepaid balance for tolls of $50 per toll tag plus a $20 security deposit per toll tag ($70 total per toll tag)….How much does it cost to get a FasTrak Flex toll tag?

Number of Toll Tags Opening Prepaid Balance Refundable Security Deposit
4+ $25 x number of toll tags $20 x number of toll tags

How do I look up a toll violation in California?

Visit the Toll Violation section of our website or call (949) 727-4800. Please know your violation and reference numbers, which are located in the first column of your Notice of Toll Evasion.

Do California tolls take credit cards?

Set up a one-time electronic payment — typically by entering the license plate # and paying with a credit card. This option is usually the most cost effective for visitors who can set up payment within the time limit (typically 48 hours). This option is not available on all Toll Roads/Express Lanes/Bridges.

Why is FasTrak charging me $25?

You may opt-out of the parking program at any time by contacting the FasTrak® Customer Service Center at and updating your account information. You agree that a $25 fee may be charged to your account for checks returned by your bank or financial institution.

How are tolls paid on the toll roads?

On The Toll Roads (State Routes 73, 133, 241 and 261) all tolls are collected electronically and can be paid with a pre-established FasTrak ® account. Visitors or infrequent users can pay their toll (s) online .

Do you get a notice of toll evasion in the mail?

You should be receiving a Notice of Toll Evasion in the mail soon. If it was your first time driving The Toll Roads without paying, the notice will include information on how to pay the toll only (without penalties).

Where is the 241 Toll Road in Yorba Linda?

The 241 Toll Road runs from State Route 91 in Yorba Linda to Oso Parkway in Rancho Santa Margarita. The 261 Toll Road runs from Santiago Canyon Road to Interstate 5.

How do I resolve a toll road violation?

To resolve the violation (s), log in to using your reference and violation numbers. Enter your One-Time-Toll confirmation number and apply your One-Time-Toll payment to resolve the violation (s). + I need to change some of the information I provided when I paid a One-Time-Toll.