How long does it take to get a OCI?

How long does it take to get a OCI?

between 8-10 weeks
1. How long does it take to process the OCI? The processing time for OCI applications is usually between 8-10 weeks after a completed application is sent to the Consulate.

Can I travel while OCI is in process?

Yes. If you have any emergency travel plan, you can travel with your current OCI card, current passport and old passport associated with OCI.

What is the duration of OCI card holder?

cardholders ? (i) An OCI is entitled to life long visa with free travel to India whereas for a PIO card holder, it is only valid for 15 years.

Is visa better than OCI?

The Ideal Alternative to an OCI: India E-visa Thus, it saves you both time and money unlike applying for an OCI card. Moreover, in the case of your stay exceeding the 5-year mark, you can always apply for a new visa. And comparatively, the cost of acquiring an Indian online visa is far less than that of an OCI.

How long does it take for OCI card to be processed?

You are requested to track the status of your application after 2-3 business days. Average processing time is 4-6 weeks except for Tatkal cases. Based on what i noticed it take 4-5 weeks after application reached consulate. Hi Friends,I recently came across article which says existing oci card holders minors don’t need to renew their oci card.

When do OCI cards get sent to India?

07-JUN-2021: Fedex shipment notification; VFS – “Your Application has been reviewed by the Embassy of India / CGI & will be dispatched…” Looks like OCI processing times have improved recently.

How to check the status of your OCI card?

VFS team cannot offer any additional update on status till the OCI card is received back at our office from the Embassy/ Consulate Select the visa type that is right for you to see important information on visa fees, documents required, forms, photo specifications and processing times. Check your eligibility before you start your registration.

How long does it take to get an OCI from CKGS?

There are 6 CKGS centers in the U.S., and each has a different jurisdiction which covers a range of U.S. states. So the CKGS center that you must submit your OCI application to will depend on where you live. OCI applications are typically processed within 8-10 weeks.