How good is bunta in Initial D?

How good is bunta in Initial D?

As for Bunta, he is still considered the best downhill racer in Akina, which is shown early in the series when he pushes the Trueno with Yuichi Tachibana in the passenger seat, lighting a cigarette while drifting around a corner. Later in the series, Takumi used the Trueno more than Bunta, so he gave the car to Takumi.

What is the last thing bunta can do for Takumi?

Bunta will let Takumi choose the car he wants to use and Bunta will use the other car to defeat Takumi.

Can anyone beat Bunta Fujiwara?

Bunta will win. His entry speed is incredible. Even if Takumi didn’t beat Ryosuke, there is no way anyone can beat Bunta.

Who defeated Takumi in Initial D?

6 SECOND STAGE, ACT 3 Given that Kyoichi is the first racer to defeat Takumi in the Second Stage, his beating Takumi at every level at the behest of his Evo IV is a thrill to watch. In the second half of the battle, although Takumi wins, his victory doesn’t feel as sweet.

What happens in Takumi Fujiwara vs Bunta Fujiwara?

On his drive back home after a tofu delivery run, Takumi reflects on his battle against Tomoyuki Tachi and suddenly notices a flash of light in his rearview mirror. Realizing that a car was on his tail, he wondered whether to let the driver pass or not.

Why did Bunta have Takumi drive the Impreza?

Because of this, Bunta had Takumi drive the Impreza occasionally on more Tofu deliveries as a lesson for him to learn the potential of modern cars and the characteristics of AWD. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Where does Takumi go on his date the next day?

The next day Takumi goes out on a date with Natsuki to the beach, and the thrilling thoughts of racing have started to interest him. While Ryosuke is practicing with his FC on Akina’s course, a more menacing vehicle appears from behind.

When did Initial D battle stage come out?

Initial D: Battle Stage (2002) Battle Stage is a compilation of every major street race of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stage with the special addition of the never before seen battle between Keisuke’s FD and Seiji’s Evo IV.