How fast is a Mooney M20J 201?

How fast is a Mooney M20J 201?

201 mph
Produced between 1977 and 1998, the airplane’s official name is M20J, but it was marketed as the 201 to highlight its top speed of 201 mph. It was the first airplane to exceed 200 mph with an engine producing 200 hp.

How Fast Is Mooney?

When Mooney introduced its Type S Acclaim last fall, it said that it indisputably had the fastest piston single in the world, with a top cruise speed of up to 242 knots, an improvement of nearly 10 knots over the original Acclaim.

Are Mooneys hard to fly?

The Mooney was designed with speed in mind were as the Cherokee was designed to be easier to fly. Not to say a Mooney is hard to fly, but you do have to be ahead of the airplane. Both great aircraft, just different.

How fast is a turbo Mooney?

Mooney M20K Performance At cruise, the Mooney 231 outstrips its competitors—the turbo Arrow, the 182 RG and Commander TC—by roughly 20 knots, despite the fact that the 231 MPH (196 knots) top speed isn’t reachable under real-world conditions and probably at all.

What kind of engine does a Mooney M20J 201 have?

The single engine piston Mooney M20J 201 is powered by a Lycoming IO-360 -A3B6D engine of 200 hp. The empty weight is 1671 lb and the gross weight is 2740 lb. The cruise speed at 75% is 170 knots and the stall speed is 53 knots.

When was the last Mooney M20J executive made?

By 1965, sales at Mooney were booming, selling almost 700 aircraft that year, with theM20F Executive with stretched fuselage offered a year later in 1966. The last of theM20Cs was built in 1978, a year after the popular 200-hp M20J was introduced — known as the 201 because the cruise speed was 201 mph.

What’s the maximum cruise speed of a Mooney M20?

For comparison, the FAA had just more than 2,500 of the 201, 231, 252, PFM, and TLS models registered It’s usually speed, not systems, Mooney lovers dwell upon. Owners of 180-hp, short-body airplanes say to count on a maximum cruise speed of 140 to 147 knots, with the company claiming 150 as the 75-percent-power cruise.

When did the Mooney M20E Super 21 come out?

In 1964 the M20E Super 21 was introduced. It was also based on the M20C but with a more powerful 200 hp (150 kW) Lycoming fuel-injected engine. The company sold 366 M20E units that year. In 1965, a new feature was introduced to the M20.