How do you mix Novoplan Easy Plus?

How do you mix Novoplan Easy Plus?

Slowly add the Novoplan Easy Plus powder into the pre-measured water. Use a high-speed drill and an oval paddle mixer to mix the Novoplan Easy Plus into to a homogenous, lump-free consistency. Continue to mix according for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not overmix.

How much water do I mix with Mapei self leveler plus?

1. Into a clean mixing container, add 5 to 5.28 U.S. qts. (4,73 to 5,0 L) of cool, clean, potable water.

Can you pour multiple layers of self leveling concrete?

Yes, it is possible to lay a second layer of self-leveling concrete once the first layer is fully set and dry. Primer should be used before pouring just like with any concrete floor. It is best to wait 24 hours.

Where can I buy the Mapei novoplan 2?

Please keep in mind that MAPEI products are only sold through The Home Depot locations in Puerto Rico. If you are in the contiguous United States, please give us a call at 1-800-426-2734 to locate a nearby distributor. Thank you for your interest in MAPEI products.

Is the novoplan 2 plus a good underlayment?

Save up to $100♢ on your qualifying purchase. Novoplan 2 Plus is a professional self-leveling underlayment. It is well-suited for leveling, smoothing and repairing interior floors before the installation of floor coverings.

How to use Mapei self leveler plus underlayment?

MAPEI Self Leveler Plus 50-lb Self-leveling Underlayment 1 Use of Primer T (328985) or Eco Prim Grip primer (459358) prior to pouring underlayment is required 2 Smoothes and flattens interior floors 3 Cures to provide a smooth consistent surface to receive a variety of floor covering materials More

What is the phone number for novoplan 2 Plus?

Novoplan 2 Plus is an interior use only product. You can call in to our Concrete Restoration Division for self-levelers appropriate for outdoor use. Their phone number is (888) 365-0614. Please feel welcome to call in to our product support line at (800) 992-6273 if we can assist you further!-