How do you call a sub in Visual Basic?

How do you call a sub in Visual Basic?

Calling a Sub Procedure You call a Sub procedure by using the procedure name in a statement and then following that name with its argument list in parentheses. You can omit the parentheses only if you don’t supply any arguments. However, your code is more readable if you always include the parentheses.

How do you call a function in Visual Basic?

How to call Function ?

  1. You call a Function procedure by using the procedure name, followed by the argument list in parentheses, in an expression.
  2. You can omit the parentheses only if you are not supplying any arguments.
  3. A function can also be called using the Call statement, in which case the return value is ignored.

What is sub in VB?

A Sub procedure is a separate set of codes that are used in VB.NET programming to execute a specific task, and it does not return any values. The Sub procedure is similar to the function procedure for executing a specific task except that it does not return any value, while the function procedure returns a value.

What are the benefits of using a sub procedure in vb6?

Sub procedures help to make programs smaller and seamless to manage. A sub procedure begins with a Sub keyword and ends with an End Sub keyword. The parameter is a certain data that is passed into the sub procedure to perform a specified task.

How to call a sub in VB.NET?

End If End Sub End Class You can only put executable code, such as sub or function calls, inside a sub or a function; not directly within a class. However, your Sub Main () is never being called; the Sub Main () that VB calls when starting your program must be in a Module.

Where do you call a sub procedure in Visual Basic?

By default, it is Public, which means you can call it from anywhere in your application that has access to the module, class, or structure in which you defined it. The term, method, describes a Sub or Function procedure that is accessed from outside its defining module, class, or structure.

What are the pros of calling sub in VBA?

Pros of Excel VBA Call Sub VBA Call Sub saves time in writing the same code again and again. Calling the VBA sub procedure store in same excel reduces the size of the excel file as well.

How to call sub first in Excel VBA?

Compile the bigger code lines by pressing the F8 key so that the error part can be identified. Save the file in Macro Enable Excel format to retain the written code. Using CALL before End will run the first code first and after the first Subprocedure will run the second code first. This is a guide to VBA Call Sub.