How do I view user activity in SAP?

How do I view user activity in SAP?

  1. Log on to any client in the appropriate SAP system.
  2. Go to transaction SM20.
  3. In the Selection, Audit classes, and Events to select sections of the. Security Audit Log: Local Analysis screen, provide your information to.
  4. The resulting list is displayed.
  5. You may now leave the SM20 transaction.

How do I find user history in SAP?

Another way to retrieve the list of User history for login in SAP System is to run the standard SAP report RSUSR200. The RSUSR200 is for List of Users According to Logon Date and Password Change. You want really get all the login history. But you can see the last login information and the last user’s password change.

How to see transaction history of a user in SAP?

Transaction History Executed by a User in SAP. If you want to see what transactions are executed by a user in a specific time period do the following steps; Go to ST03. Select choose for analysis. Choose only one application server at a time in case you have multiple application servers. Choose time period of your choice.

Where can I find the time period of a transaction in SAP?

This answer has been undeleted. There is a perfect tool which is present within SAP. With the help of transaction code ST03N, execute ST03N- select the time period you wanted to find. Under user and settlement statistics, find the user and double click on the user id to find the transaction codes executed by the user. Hope this helps you out.

What is the transaction code for SAP login?

For sap user login history details Use transaction code SE16 and the table as USR02 and execute then displays the required information.

Is there system report for transaction usage by users?

I can can use ST03 or STAD to get it for one day or ST03G to look at one user at a time for a month at a time, but I want to look over an extended period of time to find out what transactions are being used and by which users. Help to improve this question by adding a comment.