How do I use X Rite Color Checker?

How do I use X Rite Color Checker?

The ColorChecker Passport is easy to use. Simply take a photo of the Passport in daylight (using the Raw format), convert it to DNG (use the Export option in Lightroom to do so) and drag the DNG file to the ColorChecker Passport software.

Why is color checker so expensive?

Even more expensive than you know: it needs to be replaced periodically (every 5 years I think). The accuracy of the inks on the color patches are part of why they are so expensive, plus the QC.

Are all color checkers the same?

There are two primary team colors – white and black. On one side, the crown side, the color is solid white or black. On the other side there are four different colors – blue, red, green, and yellow. To do so, your checker must have the same color on it as the one you are jumping.

Can I use ColorChecker passport for video?

ColorChecker Passport Video is specifically designed for the video production workflow. This essential 4-in-1 color target will enable you to get a better camera-to-camera match, achieve perfect exposure and easily shoot and edit for mixed lighting.

How long do color checkers last?

Dye fading is accelerated by heat and bright light. If you kept the Checker in a cool dark place most of the time (dark is easy because you just close it up) then you should be good for 3-5 years.

Is a color checker necessary?

color checkers are used where color is important. Grey cards don’t quite get the accurate correct color rendition compared to the colorchecker. The colorchecker requires one more additional step over the grey card and the results are definitely worth the extra step when accuracy is concerned.

Is ColorChecker Passport worth?

The speed of correction and accuracy is well beyond anything that you could do by eye. The ColorChecker Passport enables fast and easy image enhancement in a way no other tool can offer. However, you do need to remind yourself to take that one shot at the beginning of each shot, and that takes commitment.

How big is the ColorChecker Classic X Rite?

For those extremely small or close up projects, the 24mm x 40mm Nano version of the ColorChecker Classic is a precision color reference. A larger 23 x 19.5 in (58 x 50 cm) reference target for color balance and control from capture to edit for longer and wider shots.

Which is camera calibration software does X Rite use?

ColorChecker Camera Calibration software ver 2.2.0 is fully compatible with the industry standard ColorChecker 24 patch classic target and the Digital ColorChecker SG target from X-Rite. You can use this software with ColorChecker Passport, ColorChecker Classic (All sizes) products and the Digital ColorChecker SG.

What is the purpose of the ColorChecker Classic?

The ColorChecker Classic target is designed to deliver true-to-life color reproduction so photographers can predict and control how color will look under any illumination. It is ideal for both digital and film photography for both professional and hobbyist photographers.

How big is a standard ColorChecker XL target?

A larger 23 x 19.5 in (58 x 50 cm) reference target for color balance and control from capture to edit for longer and wider shots. The durable and rigid ColorChecker XL Classic target with a protective carrying case and shoulder strap.