How do I turn Kazuya to the devil?

How do I turn Kazuya to the devil?

To transform into Devil Kazuya during match, activate the Kazuya’s Rage Art by pressing R1 on the controller (RB on Xbox One) or U/F+1+2(Up and Back+1+2). Kazuya will then transform into Devil Kazuya for a short period of time.

Who is the best character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

Tiers for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

# Character Score
1 Heihachi 334.6
2 Devil Jin 331.7
3 Kazuya 328.3
4 Bruce 326.4

Is the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a good game?

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the dream match for all the fans of the series. IT adds so much content into a beautiful-looking package. The gameplay is amazing, even in the Wii U Edition, and the game modes are simply stunning. Definitely, the best Tekken game to date, which gives it the chance to be one of the best fighting games ever.

Who is the Devil in Tekken Tag Tournament?

Kazuya transformed into his devil form and fought Akuma where the result was unknown when Akuma fired a Messatsu Gohado and Devil Kazuya firing a Devil Blaster at each other which destroyed the volcano’s surroundings and causing a massive explosion. Devil appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament as a playable character.

What happens to Devil Kazuya in Tekken 4?

Kazuya taken over by his devil in his Tekken 4 ending. Devil shoots a laser at Heihachi, in Kazuya’s ending. Devil attempts to retrieve its other half from Jin, in Kazuya’s ending. Devil, confused about why it cannot get Jin to transform into his devil form.

Who is the Devil counterpart of Kazuya Mishima?

It is the devil counterpart of Kazuya Mishima and later Jin Kazama, after it was split in two when Kazuya was cast into a volcano at the end of Tekken 2. Originally a malevolent entity intent on possessing either Kazuya or Jin, one-half has now merged with Kazuya, and is under Kazuya’s control.