How do I remove a citation mark in Word?

How do I remove a citation mark in Word?

Highlight the citation in your Word document that you would like to delete. A window will pop-up with a listing of the citations you have entered into your manuscript so far. The citation you highlighted will be highlighted blue. Select the Edit Reference tab next to your citation and choose Remove Citation.

How do I remove a citation in Word 2007?

Deleting a Source

  1. From the References tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click MANAGE SOURCES. The Source Manager dialog box appears.
  2. From the Master List or the Current List scroll box, select the source you would like to delete from the list.
  3. Click DELETE. The source is removed from that list.
  4. Click CLOSE.

How do I remove the collapse arrow in Word?

If nobody else has already said this, go to the home tab and style section then hit the drop down arrow (like this, I>). Do CTRL+A then select clear formatting. It will remove any bold, italics, and underlining. But it will remove the arrows.

How do I remove a current list from my citation?

To delete the reference in the document, select the citation from the document and click on Delete Once you have deleted all the citations from the document click on References< Manage Sources< highlight the citation from the current list and click Delete.

How to get rid of formatting marks in word?

If you want to select everything in your document, press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. With your text selected, click the Clear All Formatting button, located in the Home tab of the ribbon bar. Pressing this will remove all of the formatting from your selected text. Word will instead revert to the default style used for text in your document.

How do you remove paragraph marks in Microsoft Word?

Generally, it is located in the upper right-hand corner of the “Paragraph” section of the toolbar. Click on the “Show/Hide” button to remove the paragraph symbols. Once you have found the ¶ button, all you need to do is click on it, and the paragraph symbols will be turned off.

How do I remove paragraphs in word?

How to Remove / Replace Paragraph Break Open the Word document that you want to work on Press CTRL + H to bring up the Find and Replace box In the “Find what” box type ^p [this upward arrow character is called caret and is usually available on a number key] In “Replace with” box type a comma Click on Replace All button.