Do you need ID to get into Popworld?

Do you need ID to get into Popworld?

It is a condition on our licence that everyone requires ID upon entry.

Is there a dress code for Popworld?

Dress code is the usual smart casual and fancy dress is not permitted. Would not recommend to spend your money here. Also, guests will be able to buy Popworld merchandise to dress up in during their night out, … Would not recommend to spend your money here.

Can you wear shorts in Popworld?

And, cheese-fest favourite Popworld allows ‘smart casual’, but no shorts. XOXO nightclub, beneath Dash, also enforces a dress code which does not allow shorts.

Who owns Popworld?

Stonegate Pub Company

Industry Hospitality
Brands Scream Slug & Lettuce Tattershall Castle Henry’s Café Bar Yates’s Missoula Social Squirrel Flares & Reflex Popworld The Living Room Retro Sports Bar & Grill Walkabout Be at one Fever Bars
Owner TDR Capital

What music does Popworld play?

A magnet for hen parties and stag dos, Popworld plays party anthems from the 70s through to modern day classics. It does not matter if you are after a boogie to Michael Jackson, or just fancy belting out McFly, the nightclub has your musical needs covered.

How many pubs do Stonegate own?

Originally formed in 2010 with 333 pubs, Stonegate Group is now the largest pub company in the UK following 12 major acquisitions. Our vast portfolio is now home to over 4,500 sites which range from Leased & Tenanted to Managed.

What pubs do Punch Taverns own?

This included the branded pubs Chef & Brewer, Taylor Walker Pubs, Fayre & Square, Original Pub Company, Flaming Grill Pub Company, John Barras Pub Company, Wacky Warehouse and Good Night Inns.

How much do Stonegate Pubs pay?

The average Stonegate Pub Company salary ranges from approximately £22,726 per year for a Team Leader to £79,816 per year for an Area Manager. The average Stonegate Pub Company hourly pay ranges from approximately £8 per hour for a Waitress to £11 per hour for a Deputy Manager.

What does ingoing cost mean?

Ingoings refers to the sum of money Trust Inns has calculated that you will need to enter the pub. This cost is calculated by an Independent Valuer before you take over the pub. This is an investment cost as you are able to sell on the fixtures and fittings should you choose to leave the pub.

What kind of music do they play at Popworld?

Our DJs are central to Popworld, dropping the biggest pop tunes from sing-along classics. So, whether you’re looking for somewhere to boost the mood for pre-drinks or want somewhere to dance all night, Popworld has the ingredients to make memorable nights!

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Why is pop world the place to be?

Popworld is the place to be, we have gained legendary status across the UK because we cannot be beaten on our party atmosphere! We are a late night bar with simple, but important, values, that guarantee an unforgettable night. We believe in promoting as much fun and laughter as possible, alongside dishing out the best pop tunes.

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