Can you be seconded to a different company?

Can you be seconded to a different company?

A secondment arrangement involves an employee being temporarily assigned to another part of their own organisation, a different employer within the same group or, in some cases, a different employer altogether (such as a client or business partner).

Are secondments worth it?

Secondments are also a great tool for employee retention. If a highly-valued team member becomes restless in their role, sending them to another department for a quarter or two gives them a chance to stretch their legs without walking out the door.

Can I be made redundant while on secondment?

Can an employee be made redundant while on secondment? This means the employer has to meet the relevant redundancy consultation requirements and should offer the employee any available alternative roles.

Do you get paid more on a secondment?

Generally, the employer who is letting their employee go on secondment is the one that continues to pay the wages but there needs to be additional consideration of bonuses, expenses, overtime and training costs.

What does it mean to have a secondment in an organisation?

A secondment is a temporary work placement of an employee in another area to that in which they normally work – they can be either be internal or external. They’re internal when the work is within another area of the same organisation, and they’re external when the employee transfers to another organisation for the temporary change in roles.

Is there such thing as going on secondment?

This is often known as ‘going on secondment’ and is especially prevalent in the commercial sector where companies are adept at making the best use of the various skills and interests of their staff. However, some public sector bodies, including universities, do operate secondment systems.

What is the second dimension of company culture?

The second dimension deals with response to change, ranging from stability to flexibility—the former favoring rules and hierarchy, and the latter innovation and diversity.

Who are the parties to a secondment agreement?

The agreement will need to be signed by all three parties: your organisation, the employ taking part in the secondment and the host organisation. Obviously this will be different for more complex arrangements or if the secondment is internal within the same organisation.