Can lemon curd be used in place of lemon pie filling?

Can lemon curd be used in place of lemon pie filling?

Lemon curd is used for a lot of different things including lemon pie filling, in tarts, on cakes, or used as a jam-like spread on scones, muffins, and slices of bread. It’s so good that you may even just want to eat it with a spoon!

Why is my lemon tart not setting?

The reason is that yolks contain an enzyme which liquidifies starch. It doesn’t happen outright, but will happen while your tart is cooling. The only way to prevent it is to heat the mix high enough so the enzyme is deactivated.

How do you thicken lemon curd for tart?

Cornstarch is used to ensure the curd thickens properly but it’s absolutely not necessary. It will thicken without it. Butter helps cut the acidity from the lemon juice as well as keep the curd soft and spreadable.

Why did my lemon tart curdle?

FAQ: why did my lemon tart crack? The most common reason why your tart cracked is because the oven was too hot (350ºF is as hot as your oven should be) or the tart was baked too long and overbaked. Another reason your tart may have cracked is if it was still slightly warm when removed from the pan.

What to do with leftover lemon curd?

What to do with leftover lemon curd. Use this thick citrus spread to add a sweet zing to your food. Choose how to use up the leftovers with these pleasing recipes. Zingy tart. Mix lime zest and leftover lemon curd and spread into a ready-made pastry case or blind-baked homemade pastry case.

Can you use lemon curd as a cake filling?

Heck yes you can! Lemon curd makes a fantastic filling for cakes, tarts, donuts and so much more. It’s a very versatile filling. You DEFINITELY want to make sure you cook your lemon curd to at least 175 F though if you’re going to use it as a cake filling.

What is lemon curd?

Lemon curd is a citrus dessert spread or topping that is made from fresh lemon zest and juice, sugar, butter and egg yolks. The ingredients are gently cooked together over heat and then allowed to cool.