Can I listen to AM radio on DAB+?

Can I listen to AM radio on DAB+?

DAB+ digital radios come in a range of different models. Most DAB+ digital radios can also receive analogue FM, and some AM. However, where DAB+ coverage is available, you’ll always be able to hear your favourite AM and FM stations simulcast on DAB+ in digital quality sound.

What does DLS mean on DAB radio?

Dynamic Label Segment
In DAB broadcasting press DISPLAY repeatedly to cycle through the display information in the sequence as follow: * Dynamic Label Segment (DLS): Scrolls on the display text information supplied by the DAB station.

Is my DAB radio DAB+?

If you are buying a new digital radio, look for the Digital Radio Tick Mark as this means the radio is DAB+ enabled and will receive the available DAB, DAB+ and FM radio stations. If the product does not have the Tick Mark, then read the product description carefully and check that it specifies DAB+.

Is there a radio that can receive FM and DAB?

There’s also the Steepletone Dorset radio with retro styling that has DAB, FM and AM reception and an aux-in socket. If you can’t find a radio that suits your needs, one option is to access the required radio station online, either via an app on your mobile phone or other mobile device, or through an internet radio.

What is the difference between SW, MW and FM radio?

Shortwave, Medium-wave, FM, online stations…they are all able to transmit life-changing radio programmes, but why use SW for one project and FM in another? Find out the different strengths and weaknesses of the various frequency bands and why our partners and projects might use different approaches in different areas.

Can you listen to BBC Radio 5 Live on DAB?

The good news is that both BBC Radio 5 Live and TalkSPORT broadcast on DAB as well as AM, so you will be able to listen to them on a digital radio. See a full list of the stations available on DAB here.

Can a shortwave radio be used for Feba?

SW transmissions are easy to receive, too: even cheap, simple radios are able to pick up a signal. The strengths of shortwave radio make it well suited for Feba’s key focus area of the Persecuted Church.