Are Saxon telescopes any good?

Are Saxon telescopes any good?

The Saxon Velocity 2001EQ5 Reflector Telescope is an extremely powerful for a low price. Out of the box, this telescope will produce glorious views of planets, the Moon’s craters, nebulae and galaxies. This telescope is great on its own, but very upgradable.

Is a reflector telescope good?

A refractor telescope is ideal for both astronomy and terrestrial viewing. Refractors are awesome because they stay in shape more easily and therefore are less cumbersome and require less careful handling.

Is a refractor telescope better than a reflector?

Each telescope has its own advantage, for instance the refractor is better for observing the planets and the moon and the reflector for deep-sky objects (e.g. galaxies). This can be very expensive, so very large apertures reflectors are more popular.

What can I see with a 130mm reflector telescope?

130mm (5in) to 200mm (8in) or equivalent b) Stars: double stars separated by about 1 arc second in good seeing, and some faint stars down to magnitude 13 or better. c) Deep Sky Objects: hundreds of star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies (with hints of spiral structure visible in some galaxies).

How does the Saxon 767az Newtonian reflector telescope work?

All-metal alt-azimuth AZ2 mount with slow motion control of vertical/horizontal axis. 1.5X Erecting eyepiece for terrestrial viewing. The 767AZ offers gorgeous views of the night sky and planets at an incredibly inexpensive price.

What kind of telescope is the Saxon f767?

The Saxon F767AZ Reflector Telescope looks like a simple set up, but contains all the powerful optical elements you’ll ever need to be introduced to the world of Astronomy. Are you ready to make exciting discoveries of deep skies above? The F767 comes packaged with everything to get you started!

What kind of telescope is Saxon ed refractor?

For those seeking the ultimate viewing and astrophotographic experience, look no further than a saxon ED Refractor Telescope. Invented by the English scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, the Reflector Telescope (properly the Newtonian Reflector) continues to be a popular choice among hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Which is the best reflector telescope for astronomy?

The all-rounder Saxon 767AZ Reflector Telescope features easy assembly and portability, making it a great scope for beginner astronomers. This telescope comes with a focal length of 700mm and an aperture of 76mm which will give you good views of the Moon, planets, bright nebulae and star clusters.