Are Rieju bikes any good?

Are Rieju bikes any good?

Rieju may sound like a dodgy Chinese brand but this is a quality piece of kit, the engine is well finished, the styling bang-on and the quality of standard components high. But overall the Rieju is an impressive package.

Who makes Rieju?

Rieju is a manufacturer of mopeds and motorcycles from Spain. It is based in Figueres. They specialize in small displacement motorcycles (between 49 and 450cc), using Minarelli engines. Their products are available in almost all European countries.

What is the best 50cc motorbike to buy?

Best Of Top 5 50cc bikes

  1. Aprilia RS 50 – the exotic one.
  2. Rieju MRT 50 – the Spanish flier(s)
  3. Mash Roadstar 50 – the trendy one.
  4. WK Colt 50 – the monkey bike one.
  5. Lexmoto Hunter 50 E4 – the bargain one.

How do you Derestrict a Rieju rs3 50?

On the Rieju you need to remove the muffler itself and cut down the protruding bit of pipe (The small diameter centre pipe is the offending article). Hold the muffler in a vice (use soft jaws or protect it with a rag) and hacksaw or Dremel it down so that it only protrudes by 8.5mm. You can now put the muffler back on.

What’s the price of a Rieju 50cc Supermoto?

Rieju MRT 50 2 years Warrnaty £2895 plus tax and reg few = £2975 on he road Delivery and finance available The new MRT series takes the entry level 50cc supermoto market to a new level. CAD developed compact dual beam chassis provides the Based on the MRT 50 supermotard, the Pro version is the bench mark by which all others are judged.

Is there a Rieju MRT Pro 50 Enduro?

The Rieju MRT Pro 50 Enduro Based on the Rieju MRT 50 Enduro, the Pro version is the bench mark by which all others are judged. Racing improves the breed and with a great tradition of racing at world class level the Pro Series have been developed The new MRT series takes the entry level 50cc Enduro market to a new level.

Is the Rieju RS3 50 a sports bike?

Featurin The ultimate sports 50, the Rieju RS3 50 is special in every way. Based on the Rieju RS3 50 using the powerful 2T Minarelli engine the Pro features huge Ø40mm upside forks and a massive alloy swing arm. Limited edition Castrol paint work, LED runnin

What kind of engine does a Rieju moped have?

The moped had a small, French 50cc 4T independent transmission engine connected to a clutch, along with a gear shift. It was completely designed and developed by RIEJU. Therefore, July 1949 is considered the birth date of the No. 2. The No. 2 was one of the most well known motorcycles of the time.