Are Puy lentils red?

Are Puy lentils red?

Puy lentils are the original green lentil that are actually harvested in the French region of Le Puy. They have the same grey-green color, and are known for having the best texture and flavor of all lentil varieties. Because of this, they tend to be the most expensive type.

Do Puy lentils have another name?

Look for Lentilles du Puy, Puy lentils, or French Green lentils.

What is another name for red lentils?

Red lentils (known as Masoor Dal in India) are a dark pinkish-red lentil that is small and cooks quickly.

What are Du Puy lentils?

Puy lentils, or lentilles du Puy, are French lentils that have been grown in the Puy region of central France. The variety is the same, but since they are grown in this distinct place (which has volcanic soil) the taste is slightly different — it’s even more peppery and flinty.

Where does the name Le Puy green lentil come from?

La Lentille Verte du Puy. Le Puy green lentil is a cultivated variety of green lentil, only grown in Haute Loire region, in Auvergne, south central France. Any lentil grown outside the designated area, cannot authentically, be called Le Puy Green Lentil. The lentil is named after Le Puy-en-Velay, which is the largest town and capital…

How do you tell if lentils are du Puy?

It’s simple; look for the AOC seal on the package, which certifies they’re truly lentilles du Puy, and not tiny, disk-shaped, vastly-inferior impostors. And they will say du Puy too. And don’t be tempted to buy the less-expensive, ordinary French green lentils which cost about a third of the price. Believe me, there’s no comparison.

What kind of lentils are grown in France?

While some use these terms interchangeably with French lentils, Puy lentils, or lentilles du Puy, are a lentil variety from a specific area of France. Grown in volcanic soil, the resulting Puy lentils have an even more peppery taste with a hint of earthy flavor.

What kind of lentils are green in color?

This means that these speckled, greenish-bluish-greyish orbs, also called green French lentils or lentilles du Puy, retain their shape when cooked and have a pleasant, poppy texture. This lack of mushiness makes them ideal for non-soup applications.