Are algae eaters live bearers?

Are algae eaters live bearers?

Many freshwater tropical fish are great algae eaters in their own rite. Livebearers including Black Mollies, Fancy Guppies, Platys, and swordtails eat string algae and sometimes white beard algae. With their prolific breeding habits, these little guys will have their fry invading every possible algae hideout.

What eats algae in freshwater?

One of the most popular algae eating snails are the Nerite Snails. Nerite Snails are known to eat every type of algae found in a freshwater aquarium, including the harder to eradicate ones such as Green Spot Algae and Green Beard Algae. They are bottom dwellers as well, so they can also help clean your substrate.

Does Molly eat algae?

Extra Information: Whilst Mollies are not generally thought as of an ‘algae-eating fish’ they will eat algae from rocks and plants. They certainly won’t get rid of as much algae as the other species mentioned here, but they are attractive fish.

What type of algae eaters stay small?

Otocinclus Catfish The catfish of the Otocinclus genus are commonly known as otos or dwarf suckermouths because they typically stay around 2 inches (5 cm) in length. Their smaller, slender bodies allow them to fit into tighter spaces than other algae-eating fish.

What kind of fish can algae eaters eat?

For larger tanks, most people opt for algae eating fish. For smaller community tanks, many shrimp & snail species are viable choices. Depending on the type of algae growing in your tank, you may want a different type of algae eater that really loves that type of algae.

Which is the best Alge eater for aquariums?

This particular pleco alge-eater will do well in aquariums that have driftwood and plenty of hiding spots. Siamese algae eaters are the algae-eating powerhouses of the fishkeeping world.

What kind of substrate do algae eaters like?

Most algae eaters prefer densely planted tanks although some species do well in tanks without live plants. Your type of substrate matters, however. Many algae eaters are bottom dwellers and prefer soft substrates like sand and fine gravel to the jagged and injury-causing pea-sized aquarium gravels.

What kind of shrimp will eat algae in an aquarium?

One of the most popular shrimp species, the Amano shrimp are the ultimate aquarium nannies. Not only do they eat algae, but they clean up leftover food scraps and decaying plant matter. Although starting out quite small, they can reach an end size of around 2 inches in length which is still good for many smaller aquariums.