Will RL waiting list get confirmed?

Will RL waiting list get confirmed?

RLWL tickets are confirmed only when someone from the remote location station vacates berth through cancellation. Remote location stations prepare their own chart 2-3 hours before the actual departure of the train. RLWL confirmation chances are usually very low.

What is RL waiting list in railway?

Remote Location Waiting List (RLWL) means ticket is issued for intermediate stations (between the originating and terminating stations) because usually these are the most important towns or cities on that particular route. For this type of ticket there are less chances of confirmation.

Can we travel with RLWL waiting list?

Can we travel in train if the ticket is in RLWL? Yes you can travel only if the ticket is not booked online. You can travel if you have a waitlisted ticket from PRS counter.

What is a running line waiting list ( rlwl )?

– Railways FAQ – Railway Enquiry What is RLWL? What is RLWL? A Running Line Waiting List (‘RLWL’), also known as Remote Location Waiting List or Road-Side Location Waiting List applies to the quotas of specific intermediate ticketing stations on a route, known as the Remote Location Quota.

What does rlwl stand for on train tickets?

RLWL stands for “Remote Location Waiting List.” It is a type of waiting list ticket. Most trains have remote locations that have important stations where they stop and pick up more passengers en route. Each train will have a number of reserved seats for these locations.

Is there a waiting list for a train ticket?

This can get confirm only if the passengers who have booked before you for the same journey cancel their ticket.

When is remote location general waiting list ( RLGN ) issued?

RLGN: Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN) is issued when a user books a ticket where WL quota is RLWL. This means after ticket booking RLWL gets named as RLGN.