Why vague posting is bad?

Why vague posting is bad?

When you vague-book, people will start associating you with other people who participate in that kind of behavior even if you’re not that kind of person. In other words, people will start assuming you just want attention and that your attention seeking is juvenile.

Why do people post vague Facebook posts?

“It has a reassurance factor to it, so people who may do a vague status post on Facebook are trying to seek reassurance of some sort,” Bocchino said. “Does it get attention? Typically it does, like some of the common post that we’re talking about might be, ‘Oh gosh, I had such a bad day, I cant even anymore. ‘”

What does vague booking mean?

Defined by Urban Dictionary in 2009 as an “intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what’s going on or is possibly a cry for help,” the vaguebook is perceived as the needy, less hip counterpart to the “subtweet,” in which someone is dissed anonymously on Twitter, and the “supertweet,” …

What is vague status?

A blend of vague and Facebooking, vaguebooking is the practice of making a post on social media, primarily Facebook, that is intentionally vague but highly personal and emotional.

What is vague booking and what does it mean?

For those who may not know what vaguebooking is, it’s the act of posting a status update about a specific thing or person but providing absolutely no details as to who they are or what the thing might be.

What’s the danger of vague booking with friends?

The danger: The problem and the danger is pretty much the same. If you vague-book about little nothings that don’t matter, then your friends will stop paying attention. Then when something truly serious comes along, they’ll look at your post about it as just another in a long line of complaining.

Why is vague book so bad for your relationship?

It drives people nuts and here are five reasons vaguebooking may be destroying your relationships with friends, family, and even your significant other. 1. People will probably guess your subject incorrectly You vague-book post about someone not getting off your back about something. Insert a sad or angry face and post.

Why do people use vague book on social media?

Designed to elicit concerned responses from friends and family, it’s often looked down upon as a desperate call for attention or need for validation. Vaguebooking is the click bait of social media. So why do people do it? To find out, I sent a very to-the-point tweet inviting people to talk me through the thought process.