Why is Khongjom a holy place to the Manipuri?

Why is Khongjom a holy place to the Manipuri?

They sacrificed their lives fighting the invincible and much mightier enemy and the ‘Khongjom stream’ flowed red with their blood, and thus they made ‘Khongjom’ a sacred place for the coming generations, sanctified by their blood and hallowed with their heroic deeds, making it ‘a household word’ familiar among the …

When was Khongjom war fought?

Anglo-Manipur War
Date 31 March – 27 April 1891 Location Kingdom of Manipur Result British victory, Meidingngu Churachand declared as king
British Empire India Kingdom of Manipur
Commanders and leaders

Who died in Khongjom battle?

In the days fighting at the capital of Manipur, about 50 Manipuris including Pukhramba Tanka, Khumbong Subedar, Leisang Jamadar and Athokpa Dewan sacrificed their lives. Two Tangkhuls were also among those killed in hand to hand fight. Lt.

Who is the leader of Khongjom war?

major general Paona Brajabashi
The Khongjom battle was a day-long battle between the mighty British and patriotic Manipuri warriors led by major general Paona Brajabashi.

Why is Khongjom War Memorial important in Manipur?

As a remembrance to all the brave souls sacrificed for Manipur in the Anglo-Manipuri War 1891, every year at 23 April as the Khongjom day. The memorial site is one of the major tourist attractions in the entire North East India for the place being historically significant in the British history.

When is Khongjom Day celebrated in Manipur?

Khongjom Day is observed every year in Manipur on 23rd of April in memories of Paona and other martyrs who died in Khongjom for the defense of their motherland. This Memorial commemorates sacrifice, valour and spirit of freedom.

Where is the Khongjom war memorial in Kheba Hill?

The Khongjom War Memorial located on the Kheba Hill on the Indo – Myanmar road in Khongjom was built as a tribute to the heroes who lost their lives in the war between the Manipuri soldiers and the British Army in 1891.

Where is Kheba Hill in Thoubal, Manipur?

Situated at a distance of some 33 km from Imphal city, Khongjom War Memorial is a historical attraction located on Kheba Hill on Indo-Myanmar road. Khongjom War Memorial is one of the popular tourist place in Thoubal district that reminds the visitors about the war which held between the locals of Manipur and the British Army in 1891.