Why did Chris kill Mia?

Why did Chris kill Mia?

The reason Chris shot Mia was that she was not the real Mia but was, in fact, Mother Miranda posing as her. Miranda was infected by the same mold as Eveline and can shapeshift into any form.

Does Mia die in Resident Evil village?

Thankfully, everything turns out O.K. for Mia in the end. She’s alive, for one thing, and she is also reunited with her daughter. It’s about as happy an ending as Resident Evil Village could have, so long as players don’t think about what Ethan Winters had to go through to save Rose.

Did Chris Redfield kill Mia?

When Chris and his squad enter the house and shoot “Mia,” it is actually an attempt to kill Miranda and take Ethan and Rose to safety. Unaware of Miranda’s immense regenerative abilities, her reanimation inside the transport van catches the team off-guard, and she is able to escape with Rose.

Does Mia die Resident Evil 7?

While Ethan Winters is out fighting Mother Miranda’s lords and trying to put his daughter back together, Mia is presumed dead. In fact, Ethan was killed at the very beginning of Resident Evil 7 by Jack Baker, but the black mold essentially brought him back to life and gave him incredible regenerative abilities.

Who are the main characters in Resident Evil?

Leon is one of the protagonists in Resident Evil 6 (2012), alongside Chris Redfield and Jake Muller. While the game has up to eight playable characters over four different storylines, Leon was described as the “main character”.

What is the story of Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is set in mid-2017 somewhere in the southern United States, where there have been reports of “ghosts” sighted around the bayou of the town, Dulvey. The game proper takes place after the events of Beginning Hour, which ended with the murder of a three-man TV crew by the infected Baker family members Jack and Mia.

What are all the weapons in Resident Evil 7?

Nevertheless, the game has quite an impressive arsenal of different weapons. This guide covers the full list of weapons that are available in the Resident Evil 7 during the passage. Melee Weapons: Axe, Jackknife, Knife for survival, Chainsaw, A circular saw Firearms: M19 (gun), G17 (Pistol), MPM (Shotgun),…

Who is Ethan from Resident Evil 7?

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Wiki Guide. Ethan. Ethan is the main protaganist of resident evil 7. Little is known about his past, but what is known is that his wife’s name is Mia, and she went missing 3 years ago while on a baby-sitting job. Ethan recieves a message from “Mia” telling him to get her from the Baker Estate in Louisiana.