Who is the Decepticon logo?

Who is the Decepticon logo?

The original Autobot and Decepticon insignia were seemingly based on toys from the first year of the original Transformers toyline; the Autobot symbol is a heavily stylized and simplified version of the face of Prowl, while the Decepticon insignia is drawn from that of Soundwave.

What is the logo for Transformers?

Autobots Symbol Meaning and History The Autobots logo is a red mask that is used to represent the Autobot army. The original Autobot insignia was inspired by toys produced in the first year of the original Transformers line of toys.

What is the Decepticon logo look like?

The Decepticon sigil as it appeared in The Transformers Universe. The movie symbol has diamond-shaped eyes, as opposed to the triangular eyes of the G1 symbol.

Who does the Autobot symbol represent?

Meaning and history In all likelihood, the designer that crafted the Autobot emblem used a stylized depiction of Prowl’s toy’s head as a source of inspiration (Prowl is the Autobot military strategist). In the world of Marvel Comics, the distinctive red mask is often referred to as the “Autobrand.”

Who is the last Autobot?

Optimus Prime
The only remaining Transformer was Optimus Prime, whose soul was in the body of Hi-Q. Prime traveled, along with the Neo-Knights, into the depths of Cybertron where he discovered the Last Autobot.

Is the Decepticon logo trademarked?

Hasbro has filed for a new trademark with the US Patent Office for a new logo: a hybrid Autobot/Decepticon logo! The trademark application has been accepted by the Office (has met the minimum filing requirements) and has not yet been assigned to an examiner.

What color is the Decepticon symbol?

In this world the Decepticon logo is red, and worn by heroic Transformers who seek to protect the weak and oppressed from the evil Autobots.

How many Quintessons are there?

Japanese cartoon continuity The six found themselves on a strange, alien world in the year 2011. With their ship ensnared, they were herded by Sharkticons to the Space Tribunal, where the Quintessons put them on trial for time-traveling without their permission.

How many Autobots are left?

ten Autobots
In the first five films, 40 Autobots have appeared in the series. By the end of Dark of the Moon, ten Autobots remain on Earth.

Who is the fastest transformer?

Blurr is the fastest Autobot in motion and in conversation.

Where does the Autobot symbol come from in Transformers?

The Autobot insignia is seemingly inspired by the image of a character known as Prowl. This symbol is sometimes known as “Autobrand” and depicts the face of the Last Autobot, according to Transformers Lore. The Decepticons symbol was likely based on the Soundwave character.

What are the insignia on the Transformers toys?

Throughout the Transformers multiverse, one constant across the myriad iterations of the Great War is the use of insignia to differentiate members of the respective armies — most prominently, the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons . The toy packaging’s faction insignia were stylized and metallic.

What’s the difference between the Decepticons and the Autobots?

The emblem is a heavily stylized version of the face of Prowl, while the Decepticon emblem is based on the character Soundwave. Both the Autobots and Decepticon emblems have been rendered in metallic color styles and beveled edges on toy packaging and scene transitions in the cartoon series. Who are Autobots?

When did they change the Decepticon and Autobot insignia?

This version of the insignia remained otherwise unused for decades, but eventually saw a return as part of the Masterpiece toyline’s move towards ever-more-painstaking animation accuracy, starting with MP-29 Destron Laserwave . In 2007, the Autobot and Decepticon insignia were redesigned to fit the tone of the new movie.