Which Indian bowler has most hat-tricks?

Which Indian bowler has most hat-tricks?

India’s Chetan Sharma was the first cricketer to take a hat-trick in a World Cup match. Eleven hat-tricks have been taken in World Cup matches. Pakistani’s Wasim Akram and Mohammad Sami are the only players to have taken hat-tricks in ODIs and Tests.

How many Indian bowlers have hat-tricks?

Alok Kapali took the fewest total Test wickets of any player who recorded a hat-trick, taking only six wickets in his entire Test career….Test hat-tricks.

No. 29
Bowler Harbhajan Singh
For India
Dismissals Ricky Ponting (lbw) Adam Gilchrist (lbw) Shane Warne (c Sadagoppan Ramesh)
Venue Eden Gardens, Calcutta

Which Indian player takes hat-trick in 2019?

On this day last year, Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah added yet another feather in his already illustrious cap as he became the first player from the country to take a hat-trick in a Test match.

Who is the first Indian to take hattrick in Test cricket?

Harbhajan Singh’
The date March 11 is a historic day in Indian cricket and Harbhajan Singh’s career. On this day in 2001, the spinner became the first Indian bowler to take a hattrick in Test cricket. He achieved the feat in during the second Test match of a three-match series at the Eden Gardens, in Kolkata.

How many Indian bowlers have taken hat trick in cricket?

It’s also the third hat-trick at Eden Gardens. With the inclusion of Kuldeep Yadav, a total of 5 Indians have taken hat-tricks in international cricket. Let’s take a look at them. #1.

When was the most recent hat trick in Test cricket?

The most recent hat-trick was taken by Pakistan’s pace bowler Naseem Shah against Bangladesh in February 2020. A player has taken two hat-tricks in the same Test match only once.

When Wasim Akram took two hat tricks in one day cricket?

Wasim Akram took two hat-tricks in the space of nine days in 1999. When Peter Siddle took a hat-trick for Australia in 2010, his final victim was Stuart Broad.

How many hat tricks have been taken in IPL?

IPL cricket game, although a 20-20 overs cricket game has seen few hat tricks been taken by bowlers. The chances of a bowler achieving this feat are always low because he just gets four overs to bowl. There a total of 17 instances of hat tricks in IPL cricket game in past 11 editions.