Where is RUTF manufactured?

Where is RUTF manufactured?

RUTF can be made in India in several production models (i) Dairy cooperatives and private manufacturers can produce large quantities to meet regional requirements, (ii) small and niche food manufacturers can produce smaller volumes but have a major presence in most parts of India; and (iii) hand made RUTF can be made …

What is Rutf made of?

RUTF and RUSF are made from an energy dense protein source – most often peanut paste – along with several vitamins and minerals. Some products also contain dried milk powder or other ingredients to suit local tastes.

What is Rutf?

Ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) are energy- dense, micronutrient enhanced pastes used in therapeutic feeding.

Is there local production of RUTF for severe malnutrition?

The local availability of the necessary ingredients limits its use in some settings, and further investigation to alternative ingredients is needed to overcome this limitation. Local production and provision of ready-to-use therapeutic food for the treatment of severe childhood malnutrition Manary 1

Who are the local producers of RUTF and LNS?

Nine were local producers in programme countries, of which seven had local prices, two provided products both locally and for export, and two exclusively exported.

How is the production process for RUTF done?

The production process for RUTF is a straightforward mixing operation, but operators must ensure that exactly the same amounts of ingredients are added to each batch to ensure a standard nutritional value. Production supervisors also need to understand proper process control,…

Who is largest purchaser of ready to Use Therapeutic Food ( RUTF )?

What we know: UNICEF is the largest purchaser of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) and supports local production, and has aimed to reach 50% sourcing from countries with acute malnutrition treatment programmes by 2016.