When did Yulia Lipnitskaya retire from figure skating?

When did Yulia Lipnitskaya retire from figure skating?

Yulia Vyacheslavovna Lipnitskaya (alt. spelling: Julia Lipnitskaia; Russian: Юлия Вячеславовна Липницкая, Russian: [ˈjulʲɪjə vʲɪtɕɪˈsɫavəvnə lʲipˈnitskəjə]; born 5 June 1998) is a Russian retired competitive figure skater. She was part of the Russian team to win the 2014 Winter Olympics team trophy.

When did Yulia Lipnitskaya win the World Junior Championship?

Individually, Lipnitskaya is the 2014 World silver medalist, the 2014 European champion, the 2013–14 Grand Prix Final silver medalist, and a two-time Russian national silver medalist (2012 & 2014). Competing as a junior, Lipnitskaya won the 2012 World Junior Championships, 2011–12 JGP Final, and 2012 Russian Junior Championships.

Who is the only person younger than Yulia Lipnitskaya?

The only skater younger than Lipnitskaya to have won gold is Maxi Herber who won Olympic pair skating gold at the 1936 Winter Olympics, however Herber would have been too young to skate at the Olympics under modern rules, so her record is impossible to beat.

Why did Yulia Lipnitskaya withdraw from the Russian Grand Prix?

Lipnitskaya qualified for the Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Russia, but withdrew due to injury — during training on 28 November, she lost balance on the entry to a spin, split her chin and sustained a slight concussion.

How old was Anna Lipnitskaya when she won the Baltic Cup?

Lipnitskaya became age-eligible for junior international competition in the 2011–12 season. She debuted on the Junior Grand Prix series at the JGP Baltic Cup in Gdańsk, Poland, winning both programs to take the gold medal. She then won her second assignment in Milan, Italy, to qualify for the JGP Final.

Who are the parents of Yulia Lipnitskaya?

Yulia Lipnitskaya was born on 5 June 1998 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Lipnitskaya was raised by a single mother, Daniela Leonidovna Lipnitskaya, who gave her own surname to Yulia. Lipnitskaya’s father, Vyacheslav, was drafted into the Russian army while her mother was pregnant, and he chose not to return to the family afterwards.