What time is high tide in Slaughter Beach Delaware today?

What time is high tide in Slaughter Beach Delaware today?

Tuesday 2 November 2021, 1:33am EDT (GMT -0400). The tide is currently rising in Slaughter Beach. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 5.25ft will be at 7:24am and the lowest tide of 0ft was at 1:30am.

What are the tides at Waihi Beach?


High 8:01 AM 1.58m
Low 2:21 PM 0.48m
High 8:31 PM 1.68m
Low 2:59 AM 0.38m

What is the tide in Redondo Beach right now?


Time Height Tide
4:06 A.M. PDT 0.61 feet Low Tide
10:20 A.M. PDT 5.93 feet High Tide
4:49 P.M. PDT -0.11 feet Low Tide
10:58 P.M. PDT 4.84 feet High Tide

What time is low tide in Tauranga?

Today’s tide times for Tauranga: Friday 12 November 2021

Tide Time (NZDT)& Date Height
High Tide 1:46 AM(Fri 12 November) 5.68 ft (1.73 m)
Low Tide 7:55 AM(Fri 12 November) 0.85 ft (0.26 m)
High Tide 2:34 PM(Fri 12 November) 5.84 ft (1.78 m)
Low Tide 8:38 PM(Fri 12 November) 1.12 ft (0.34 m)

What is the water temperature in Redondo Beach?

Water temperature in Redondo Beach today is 60.6°F. The swimming season in Redondo Beach lasts from July to October.

What is the tide right now in Tauranga?

Today Tuesday, 9th of November of 2021, the sun rose in Tauranga at 6:01:12 am and sunset will be at 7:57:52 pm. In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first low tide was at 5:03 am and the next low tide will be at 5:35 pm. The first high tide will be at 11:31 am and the next high tide at 11:48 pm.

What time is high tide today in Tauranga?


Low 7:23 AM 0.00m
High 1:46 PM 2.00m
Low 7:48 PM 0.20m
High 1:02 AM 2.00m

Can you swim at Redondo Beach?

Because there is no lifeguard, however, swimming or wading is not permitted in this area. In fact, because access to this area of sand can be treacherous, the public is not allowed to climb down to the sand, as well. A clean, safe beach is available just south of the Redondo Beach Pier.