What kind of dress to wear to prom by La Femme?

What kind of dress to wear to prom by La Femme?

Try one of the stylish short La Femme dresses featuring tulle skirts and finely beaded bodices or a strapless baby-doll dress adorned with floral or lace appliques. For a more daring fashion-forward look try one of the short two-piece party dresses. If you’re looking for an elegant long dress for prom, a prom gown by La Femme is the way to go.

Where can I buy a la femme dress?

La Femme attends all of the major fashion shows throughout the year. Our line can be purchased at authorized bridal boutiques, evening wear specialty shops, and high end department stores. To find a retailer in your area please visit our store locator and enter your zip code.

Who are the fashion designers of La Femme?

The La Femme Fashion designers dedicate themselves to providing the highest quality dresses and exquisite designs for our customers. We specialize in prom, homecoming, pageant, evening, bridal, bridesmaids, graduation and cocktail attire.

What are the best colors for prom dresses?

In soft feminine colors like mauve, light yellow, and lilac and with the addition of delicate lace, floral embellishments, and sequins, you will feel like the princess you are in any one of the many prom gowns there are to choose from. Get ready to sparkle like you never have before in one of La Femme’s many sequin dress options for the new season.

Can you wear a la femme dress to a wedding?

The timeless elegance and classic dress styles offered by La Femme make them ideal for bridal party dresses, wedding guest dresses, and even mother-of-the-bride dresses. The variety of styles, colors, and fabrics ensures that you will find a party dress to complement your theme.

What’s the most important thing about a prom dress?

You will likely spend less on alternations after you purchase your dress. Two of the most important things about formal dresses are color and fit. Trendsetting : We have received numerous awards in the apparel industry for being the trendsetting dresses of the year, as recently as August 2018 awards show in Atlanta.