What is the movie Sin Nombre about?

What is the movie Sin Nombre about?

Sayra (Paulina Gaitán), a Honduran teen, hungers for a better life. Her chance for one comes when she is reunited with her long-estranged father, who intends to emigrate to Mexico and then enter the United States. Sayra’s life collides with a pair of Mexican gangmembers (Edgar Flores, Kristyan Ferrer) who have boarded the same American-bound train.
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What happens at the end of Sin Nombre?

The closing scenes show Sayra phoning her father’s new family from outside an American mall, her uncle setting off on another attempt to cross the border, and Smiley getting his lip tattooed as a sign of his loyalty to the gang.

How long is Sin Nombre?

1h 36m
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Who produced Sin Nombre?

Amy Kaufman
Pablo Cruz
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Who is the director of the movie Sin Nombre?

Sin Nombre (English: “Nameless”) is a 2009 Mexican-American adventure thriller film written and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, about a Honduran girl trying to immigrate to the United States, and a boy caught up in the violence of gang life.

Who are the main characters in Sin Nombre?

Casper is romantically involved with a girl, Martha Marlene, but keeps the relationship a secret from his gang, fearing for the girl’s safety. When she follows him to a gathering of his gang, the leader, Lil’ Mago (Tenoch Huerta Mejía), insists on escorting her away in private, despite the protests of Casper.

How to write an essay about Sin Nombre?

The essay consists of three parts. The first part deals with the explanation of a 2009 movie sin Nombre which is basically a crime movie about a Mexican based gang while the second deals with the concepts about nationalism in the two articles while the third and final phase deals with the relation of the movie and the articles with each other.

The dénouement shows Sayra outside a mega mall in the United States, calling the phone number of her dead father’s second family which she had memorized, and Smiley, now accepted by his gang, getting a tattoo commemorating his loyalty. [D-Man2010]