What is the minimum pitch for tiled roofs?

What is the minimum pitch for tiled roofs?

20° was traditionally the lowest recommended minimum roof pitch in BS 5534. Some tiles are now available that incorporate design features that allow them to be laid at a lower pitch. Our Lincoln and Mendip 12.5 tiles can be used in roof pitches as low as a 12.5°, with some restrictions on rafter length.

What pitch can slate go down to?

Because of this, the general recommendation for slate is a 20° pitch angle. There are some circumstances in which slate roofs can have a minimum pitch as low as 17.5°, but this depends on the type of slate being used, the size of the lap, and some other factors.

What is the minimum pitch for Eternit Slates?

Marley Eternit slates are suitable for roof pitches of 15° and above and for vertical cladding. Marley Eternit slates with a rivet and nail fixing are generally suitable for roof pitches of 20° and above and vertical cladding.

What roof tiles go down to 12.5 degrees?

Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Tiles Klober Permo Extreme breathable membrane enables the use of roof tiles down to pitches as low as 12.5 degrees (depending on the roof tiles being laid).

What’s the lowest pitch for a slate roof?

The patented Easy Slate System provides a unique solution enabling slates to be installed on any roof with a pitch as low as 12°. This opens up many opportunities for slate roofs in domestic, commercial and heritage properties. Slates no longer need to be ruled out where the ridge height has been restricted due to planning considerations.

What kind of roofing to use for low pitch?

SIG Roofing can supply a number of solutions to cope with these lower pitches such as Cambrian roof Slate or Regent Tiles which can be used on pitches as low as 12.5 degrees. Cambrian Slates embody the beauty and character of natural slate.

What’s the minimum pitch for double lap roofing?

Section 7.2.19: Table 12 states that the minimum pitch for double-lap slate roofing is 20 degrees (subject to headlap) but it gives no further explanation regarding the circumstances in which the minimum would apply. NHBC Standards would be reliable, but in this instance they don’t really provide enough information.

What should be the roof pitch of a house?

It is agreed that the roof pitch should be a minimum of 20 degrees, preferably a bit more. A couple of likely slate suppliers are consulted and they confirm that they are happy to supply 600x300mm slates for a minimum roof pitch of 20 degrees, assuming a minimum lap of 125mm.