What is the main controller component in oaf?

What is the main controller component in oaf?

What is the main Controller component in OAF? OAController is the main class and our controller will become subclass of it.

How do you practice oaf?


  1. D2k to OAF Transformation.
  2. Install OA Framework jDeveloper.
  3. OAF Hello World Tutorial.
  4. Implement External LOV in OAF.
  5. Implement Dependent LOV in OAF.
  6. Implement PopList in OA Framework.
  7. Create Data Entry OAF Page.
  8. Create Auto Customization Criteria OAF Search Page.

What is MVC in oaf?

OAF Architecture: 1. Model View Controller: The MVC architecture is a component-based design pattern with clean interfaces between the Model, View, and Controller. The Model is where the application implements its business logic.

What is partial page rendering in oaf?

PPR is a technology that lets you refresh a specific part of a page when you want to make a UI change instead of having to refresh (redraw) the entire page. Gives users a more responsive and interactive application. Improves application Performance.

Where can I find an interview for oaf?

There are very few interview resources available in the internet for OAF. Please suggest more interview resources if you know. Your name and contribution will be published here. 1. What is BC4J? Business Components for Java is JDeveloper’s programming framework for building multitier database applications from reusable business components.

Are there any good interview questions for Oracle oaf?

If you’re looking for Oracle OAF Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Oracle OAF has a market share of about 0.4%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in Oracle OAF Development.

What is activation and passivation in Oracle oaf?

Best Oracle Oaf Interview Questions» Latest Q&A In 2020. 1. What is Activation and Passivation in OAF? Answer: Passivation is the process of saving application state to a secondary medium (the database) at specific event points so it can be restored (activated) when needed. This restoration of data is called Activation.

What do you mean by javabeans in OAF?

Answer: JavaBeans is an object-oriented programming interface that lets you build re-useable applications or program building blocks called components that can be deployed in a network on any major operating system platform. 3. What are the various profile options in OAF? FND Diagnostics: required for ABOUT THIS PAGE and Diagnostic link on-page.