What is the gating technique?

What is the gating technique?

Respiratory gating is a breathing technique used during external radiation therapy. It uses a device that monitors your breathing and adjusts the radiation beam as needed during treatment. External radiation therapy uses a precise beam of radiation, aimed into the body to damage cancer cells (tumor).

What is respiratory gating?

Respiratory gating and motion management is a type of radiation technology that senses and accounts for motion during radiation therapy. Doctors are then able to target tumors during specific times. Respiratory gating and motion management technology minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

What is RPM in radiotherapy?

Respiration gating using the Real-time Position Management (RPM) system enables pushing the heart away from the tangential fields during inspiration, thus optimizing the treatment plan. Objectives: To compare breathing inspiration gating (IG) techniques with free breathing (FB), focusing on breast coverage.

What is gating in flow cytometry?

One of the most basic principles of FCM analysis is “gating,” which is the sequential identification and refinement of a cellular population of interest using a panel of molecules (also known as markers) that are visualized by fluorescence in a unique emission spectrum.

What is clock gating in VLSI?

Clock gating is a popular technique used in many synchronous circuits for reducing dynamic power dissipation, by removing the clock signal when the circuit is not in use. Clock gating saves power by pruning the clock tree, at the cost of adding more logic to a circuit.

What is respiratory gating in MRI?

Respiratory gating is a practical and useful technique for improving the contrast and spatial resolution of SE images of the upper abdomen and chest. SE images produced with short repetition times were particularly improved by respiratory gating.

What isotope is used in brachytherapy?

Currently, the isotope most commonly used for temporary brachytherapy is iridium (Ir)-192, which provides a higher dose of radiation than the iodine (I)-125 and palladium (Pd)-103 permanent implants.

How is DIBH used in the respiratory gating system?

The beam will be held off for disruptions in the breathing cycle, such as coughing or sneezing. Using the respiratory gating system, the patient will receive better tumor control and less normal tissue complications without sacrificing comfort. What is DIBH treatment?

How does deep inspiration breath hold ( DIBH ) work?

This, in turn, will limit the amount of the heart and lung that is exposed to the radiation beam, since taking a deep breath in will allow these organs to move out of the treatment field (See sample picture of heart position completely out of the yellow line with DIBH).

What can DIBH be used for in the body?

DIBH can be also used to minimize internal organ motion for other body sites, such as the stomach, pancreas, and liver.