What is Terzaghi theory of consolidation?

What is Terzaghi theory of consolidation?

Terzaghi’s Principle states that when stress is applied to a porous material, it is opposed by the fluid pressure filling the pores in the material. Karl von Terzaghi’s introduced the idea in a series of papers in the 1920’s based on his examination of building consolidation on soil.

What is 1d consolidation?

The One-dimensional Consolidation test is used to determine the consolidation characteristics of soils of low permeability. Data obtained from these tests, together with classification data and a knowledge of the soils loading history, enables estimates to be made of the behaviour of foundations under load.

What are the three stages of consolidation?

Compressibility and consolidation of soil are crucial parameters required in the design considerations. The consolidation of soil is divided into three stages including initial consolidation, primary consolidation, and secondary consolidation.

What are the assumptions of Terzaghi’s one-dimensional consolidation theory?

Therefore, the basic assumption of the one-dimensional consolidation theory consid- ering the strain rate is as follows: (1) the soil is homogeneous, isotropic and fully saturated; (2) soil particles and pore water are incompressible; (3) the additional stress in the soil along the horizontal plane is infinite …

Which is the one dimensional consolidation equation of Terzaghi?

Equation (11.27) is Terzaghi’s one-dimensional (1D) con­solidation equation. Summarizing the assumptions made in the derivation of Terzaghi’s consolidation equation, we have the following points:

When does Stage 2 and Stage 3 consolidation occur?

Stage II:Primary consolidation, during which excess pore water pressure gradually is transferred into effective stress because of the expulsion of pore water. Stage III:Secondary consolidation, which occurs after complete dissipation of the excess pore water pressure, caused by plastic readjustment of soil fabric.

How is the theory of consolidation related to time settlement?

Time taken for a given settlement to occur. Terzaghi developed the theory of consolidation that makes these time-settlement computations possible. 1. Velocity of Pore Water: Let u be the excess pore pressure developed at any instant of time during consolidation.

Are there any assumptions in the theory of consolidation?

The validity of the assumptions made in Terzaghi’s theory of one-dimensional consolidation is discussed as follows: 1. Assumptions 1, 2, and 4 are reasonable and valid for most practical situations. 2. Consolidation is generally three-dimensional (3D) in the field.