What is Lucas by Kevin Brooks about?

What is Lucas by Kevin Brooks about?

Lucas is a 2002 novel by Kevin Brooks about a teenager named Cait who lives on an isolated island off the coast of England and befriends outsider Lucas, eventually falling in love with him only to see the island’s prejudices come to life.

What happened to Kevin Brooks?

He was paralyzed from the chest down and would now rely on a wheelchair to get him around. In disbelief Kevin tried to move his legs. He gave everything he had to just wiggle his toes, but his lower body lay still.

What genre is Lucas by Kevin Brooks?

A love story and a thriller in one, from Kevin Brooks, the groundbreaking author of Martyn Pig.

Is the unkindness of ravens a real book?

Basis. An Unkindness of Ravens was based on Lucas’s real-life experiences and chronicled his final two years of high school. Edited by Lindsey Strauss, whom Lucas would become engaged to, the book also chronicled the relationship between his half-brother, Nathan Scott, and his best friend, Haley James.

Where does the book Lucas by Kevin Brooks take place?

British novelist Kevin Brooks’s masterpiece is set on the island community of Hale over one summer, as 15-year-old Caitlin McCann realizes her small world is changing. Her brother is acting strangely, hanging out with the neighborhood reprobates and getting drunk, and her best friend follows his lead.

Who is Lucas and where is he from?

Lucas is a survivor, probably best described as a drifter; but that is where any knowledge of him ends. Like I mentioned he is very mysterious, and that perhaps is a part of his allure, beside his strength and bravery that is. No one can seem to make sense of this young boy. Raised questions often are; who is he and where is he from?

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