What happened to Oderus Urungus?

What happened to Oderus Urungus?

David Brockie, who performed under the stage name Oderus Urungus, died last March of a heroin overdose at age 50. The band is known for its legendary costumes and use of copious amounts of fake blood in performances.

Did GWAR die?

David Murray Brockie (August 30, 1963 – March 23, 2014) was a Canadian-American musician, best known as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Gwar, in which he performed as Oderus Urungus….

Dave Brockie
Born August 30, 1963 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Died March 23, 2014 (aged 50) Richmond, Virginia, United States

Where did Dave Brockie die?

Richmond, Virginia, United States
Dave Brockie/Place of death

Where is Dave Brockie from?

Ottawa, Canada
Dave Brockie/Place of birth

Did GWAR breakup?

Following the death of frontman and lead singer Dave Brockie in 2014, the group has continued without any of its founding members.

Are there any original members in GWAR?

As of Brockie’s death in 2014, Gwar currently features no original members, with a lineup of rhythm guitarist Mike Derks (Balsac the Jaws of Death, since 1988), drummer Brad Roberts (Jizmak Da Gusha, since 1989), lead guitarist Brent Purgason (Pustulus Maximus, since 2012), lead vocalist Mike Bishop (Blöthar the …

When did oderus urungus die?

March 23, 2014
Dave Brockie/Date of death

Band manager Jack Flanagan has issued the following statement: “It is with a saddened heart, that I confirm my dear friend Dave Brockie, artist, musician, and lead singer of GWAR passed away at approximately 6:50 PM EST Sunday March 23, 2014. His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his home in Richmond, VA.

Is GWAR thrash?

Gwar (usually written as GWAR) is an American satirical thrash metal/punk band formed in 1984….

Origin Richmond, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Thrash metal comedy rock crossover thrash hardcore punk shock rock
Years active 1984–present

When did Oderus Urungus die?

What does GWAR use for blood?

Gwar is notorious for spraying their audiences with fluids during their live shows. The liquids, which are meant to look like blood and other bodily fluids, are often nothing more than water mixed with powdered food coloring. The thicker fluids are made from a seaweed extract called carrageenan.

How old was Dave Brockie?

50 years (1963–2014)
Dave Brockie/Age at death

Who is the actor who plays Oderus Urungus?

Oderus Urungus was played by Dave Brockie, and has been the longest-standing character in GWAR’s history–he (and Dave) have been with the band since its genesis.

How old is Oderus Urungus in Scumdoggia?

Oderus Urungus. The self-appointed leader of GWAR, Oderus is an intergalactic barbarian played by Dave Brockie. Origin. Rumored to be around 43 billion years old, Oderus was assembled on the planet Scumdoggia in “Syntho Womb 5” after pieces of his moldy war frame were found scattered throughout the galaxy.

How did Oderus Urungus get into the Legion?

When Oderus was born, he was promptly given a sword and thrust into an arena with rape-hungry attackers–he was ordered to kill them or die. Oderus originally joined the legion under General Zog and quickly rose through the ranks, being tasked with leading a crew to destroy Flab Quarv 6, but we all know how that turned out.

What kind of sword does Oderus Urungus have?

Oderus is never without his trusty sword, Unt Lick, or his special “member”–the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu, which was once stolen by the Morality Squad . When the band first appeared, Oderus was a very normal-looking character wearing a helmet that had spikes that appeared to be made out of tin foil, soon moving on to donning a rubber wig.