What happened between Liam and Steffy?

What happened between Liam and Steffy?

On October 11, 2011, Liam and Steffy marry. They later get divorced. Liam soon gets married to Steffy, as she rides in on a motorcycle. Steffy tries to make peace with Hope, but Hope insists she’ll fight for Liam.

Did Liam choose Hope or Steffy?

Steffy chooses herself over Liam and he turns to Hope. Liam then marries Hope and starts a new life with her but Hope has it annulled when baby Beth is believed dead. She then marries Thomas to raise Douglas with him.

What happened between Hope and Liam?

Both couples accidentally end up in Mexico. Liam, feeling gutted and betrayed by Bill and Steffy, immediately leaves to find Hope. He finds her on the rooftop where he proposed to her and tells her that he loves her and that he wants to be with her to give their relationship a true chance without manipulations.

Does Liam tells Hope about Steffy?

Liam says it’s not about Steffy. Hope urges him to talk to her.

Where did Steffy and Liam go on their trip?

They develop deep feelings for each other, and Steffy takes an extended business trip to Paris, France before their marriage. While Steffy’s gone, Liam moves onto a relationship with Hope Logan, who insists on getting married, this is Steffy’s 2nd love triangle again with Hope Logan.

Why did hope tell Liam to marry Steffy?

Liam can’t make up his decision. Hope tells Liam to marry Steffy because she’s pregnant. Hope turns to Liam for support when she decides to end her relationship with Oliver. Their friendship blossoms into romance partly due to Hope, like Liam, having grown up not knowing her birth father.

How did Liam and Steffy Forrester get divorced?

Liam then is divided between Hope and Steffy, and chooses Hope knowing Bill and Steffy’s history. Steffy signs the divorce papers, then Liam tears them up and kisses her. Later Steffy and Liam do get divorced when Liam and Hope travel to Italy to get married.

Is it true that Steffy and Liam are pregnant?

Right when Hope and Liam are ready to get married, Steffy runs up and whispers to Liam she’s pregnant. Soon both Hope and Brooke find out. Brooke says it’s not true and she only wants to take Liam away from Hope. Steffy and Taylor hand Brooke the sonogram picture to prove it’s true.