What gauge are Zager guitar strings?

What gauge are Zager guitar strings?

Category: Strings My father sets up all of his guitars with our own Zager brand custom light 11-48 gauge but we have customers using all brands and gauges with excellent results.

What are the easiest guitar strings to play?

In general, nylon strings are easier to play than steel-strings because they require less tension. They come in two types: normal tension and hard tension. The difference in tension is usually about five pounds. For obvious reasons, I would recommend using normal-tension because they will be easier to play.

Are Zager Guitars really easier to play?

The fretboard is extremely comfortable, with a nice neck radius. The action along the entire neck is comfortable and fast without any buzzing. Difficult barre chords are easy to play on this guitar and the overall playability is excellent.

Which guitar strings are easy on the fingers?

Classical Guitar Classical guitars are traditionally played with nylon strings, which are by far the easiest type of string material on your fingers. Even still, nylon strings come in different gauges (a fancy term for thickness). The higher the gauge, the thicker the guitar string.

The most special thing about Zager Guitar is that they are very easy to play. The thing that makes Zager guitars easy to play is lower strings height and custom string spacing.

Are Zager Guitars any good?

The Zager Guitars is the best brand in instrument. It is made of very high quality material. It creates good sound. Peoples are liking Zager Guitars and it is easy to learn and best benefit to purchase from our4 stores. For any information you can visit our website.

Who makes Zager Guitars?

Zager Guitars is famous Guitar manufacturing firm. Zager Guitars is a instrument manufacturer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Designed by master guitar builder Denny Zager, Zager Guitars are created to play easier than any other guitar on the market.

What size are acoustic guitar strings?

Standard acoustic guitar strings are between 0.011 to 0.012 inches for the high E and 0.049 to 0.054 inches for the low E.