What does the rare Wubbox say on air Island?

What does the rare Wubbox say on air Island?


How do you get Wubbox in my singing monsters?

The Wubbox cannot be bred; it can only be purchased in the Market for 75,000,000 coins (150,000 shards on Ethereal Island).

What is the rarest monster in MSM?


Monster Source(s) Island(s)
Single Element
Rare Maw Rare Maw + Plant, Cold, Air, Oasis, Gold
Rare Shrubb Rare Shrubb + Plant, Water, Earth, Haven, Gold
Rare Furcorn Rare Furcorn + or Teleport to Shugabush Island at level 15 Plant, Cold, Earth, Shugabush, Gold

How do you activate a rare Wubbox?

To activate it, one must box one of every level 15 Rare Monster. Boxing these monsters on Gold Island will remove them from their home island. If a Rare Wubbox is removed from Gold Island, it will go back to its inactive form again.

How does the wubbox work on my Singing Monsters?

When first placed on an island, the Wubbox is a box that does nothing until you box (feed it) one of every regular monster that exists on that island. On the natural-element islands, it takes in the natural-element monsters; on Ethereal Island, it takes in Ethereals; on Wublin Island, it takes in Wublins.

When did air island come out for my Singing Monsters?

Air Island is ready for a celebration. When Monsters arrive, there’ll be dancing, singing, and all manner of shenanigans! Air Island () is the third Natural Island available to the player. Air Island primarily manifests the Air Element ( ). It was first released on September 12, 2012.

Why is the wubbox important to the island monsters?

The Wubbox awakes! As it turns out, this extraordinary electric elemental is vital to the life processes of the colossal island monsters that the other singing denizens call home. The shrunken monsters used to power up the creature report that inside is as fun as any playground they’ve ever seen, so they are happy to stay indefinitely.

What happens if you remove a monster from the wubbox?

Just as any monster placed in the Wubbox is removed from their island permanently (and on Gold Island) – Gold Island monsters placed in the Wubbox are also removed from Gold Island (and their home islands). If the Wubbox is removed from Gold Island and then re-placed once more, it returns to its inert box form and must be activated again.