What did Robert Smithson do?

What did Robert Smithson do?

Born in Passaic in New Jersey, Robert Smithson (January 2, 1938 – July 20, 1973) was an artist who expanded what art could be and where it could be found. For over fifty years his work, writings, and ideas have influenced artists and thinkers, building the ground from which contemporary art has grown.

What is the title of Robert Smithson’s very famous earthwork?

the Spiral Jetty
He was one of the founders of the land art movement whose best known work is the Spiral Jetty (1970).

What event happened for the first time in 1970 that may have had an influence on Smithson’s work?

Spiral Jetty is an earthwork sculpture constructed in April 1970 that is considered to be the most important work of American sculptor Robert Smithson. Smithson documented the construction of the sculpture in a 32-minute color film also titled Spiral Jetty….

Spiral Jetty
Owner Dia Art Foundation

Why did Robert Smithson make the Spiral Jetty?

Smithson wanted to reconnect with the environment – hence works like Spiral Jetty, which also reflected his interest in science and geology. To create the 457 metre long spiral, Smithson bulldozed material from the shore into the lake. The jetty resembles a galaxy in its shape.

What kind of art did Robert Smithson create?

Of all the artwork created by Robert Smithson, land art sculptures were his most well-known works. He is best known for his iconic 1970 sculpture, titled Spiral Jetty. This artwork was motivated by the Minimalist work of contemporary art, as well as science fiction, geology, and the notion of entropy.

Who was Robert Smithson and what did he do?

Robert Smithson (January 2, 1938 – July 20, 1973) was an American artist who used photography in relation to sculpture and land art . Smithson was born in Passaic, New Jersey and early on lived mostly in Rutherford. In Rutherford, William Carlos Williams was Smithson’s pediatrician.

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When did Robert Smithson become a minimalist?

After a break from the art world, Smithson reemerged in 1964 as a proponent of the minimalist movement.