What did Cartier-Bresson mean by the decisive moment?

What did Cartier-Bresson mean by the decisive moment?

The decisive moment is a concept made popular by the street photographer, photojournalist, and Magnum co-founder Henri Cartier-Bresson. The decisive moment refers to capturing an event that is ephemeral and spontaneous, where the image represents the essence of the event itself.

Who published the decisive moment?

Published in 1952 by Simon and Schuster, New York, in collaboration with Editions Verve, Paris, it was lavishly embellished with a collage cover by Henri Matisse. The book and its images have since influenced generations of photographers.

Where did the decisive moment come from?

Pioneering for its emphasis on the photograph itself as a unique narrative form, The Decisive Moment was described by Robert Capa as “a Bible for photographers.” Originally titled Images à la Sauvette (“images on the run”) in the French, the book was published in English with a new title, The Decisive Moment, which …

When was the decisive moment made?

The Decisive Moment is the title of the English edition of Cartier-Bresson’s photobook originally titled Images à la Sauvette (Images On the Run), published in France in 1952.

When was the decisive moment by Henri Cartier Bresson published?

The Decisive Moment (Steidl), Cartier-Bresson’s book that was first published in 1952 by Simon and Schuster, is reentering the market.

What is the meaning of the decisive moment?

The Decisive Moment is about the aesthetics of coincidence, and the faith to follow intuition. Like every brilliant unexpected moment, things can never be truly recreated, but only faithfully retold. (Krystal Grow Wired)

Who was the photographer who coined the phrase’the decisive moment’?

–Sean O’Hagan “The Guardian ” More than ten years after his passing, the renowned street and social documentary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson–who so famously coined the term “the decisive moment,” or the second when all of the compositional elements of a scene come into harmony–continues to charm,…