What caused the 2011 QLD flood?

What caused the 2011 QLD flood?

Rainfall Meteorology in South East Queensland During 8th to 12th January 2011. The flooding in southeast Queensland during the second week of January was caused by the interaction of a low-pressure system situated off the mid and south Queensland coasts, and upper level and monsoonal troughs [13].

How many people died in 2011 floods Ipswich?

33 dead
2010–2011 Queensland floods

A woman trapped on the roof of her car awaits rescue during the Toowoomba flash flood
Date November 2010 – January 2011
Deaths 33 dead and 3 missing (presumed dead)
Property damage A$2.39 ($2,389,225,876) billion; 200,000 people were affected.

When was the last time Ipswich had a flood?

 Start of record 1840 with 18 major flood peaks in the record.  The last major flood recorded at Ipswich was 13.10 metres in December 1991 with major floods also occurring in 1976 (13.65 metres) and 1974 (20.70 metres).  The highest floods in 1893, 1974 and 2011 were all as a result of backwater from the Brisbane River.

Where was the flooding in Queensland in 2011?

Long and Mackenzie Streets in suburban Toowoomba flooded. The city of Toowoomba, in the Darling Downs, was hit by flash flooding after more than 160 millimetres (6.3 in) of rain fell in 36 hours to 10 January 2011; this event caused four deaths in a matter of hours. Cars were washed away (see video ).

What does it mean if your house was flooded in 1974?

If the flood information obtained through this website shows that a particular property was affected by the 1974 or 2011 flood up to a particular level or point on the property, that inundation limit is indicative and approximate only. It does not indicate whether or not any buildings within the property have been flooded.

When did the Mary River flood in Toowoomba?

Heavy rain in the Mary River catchment on 8–9 January 2011 led to flooding at Maryborough and Gympie. The Mary River at Maryborough was expected to initially peak at 8.5 metres (28 ft) at midday 9 January with some houses and businesses inundated by flood waters. Long and Mackenzie Streets in suburban Toowoomba flooded.