Top Social Media Mistakes That Impact Negatively on Organic Traffic Generation to Websites

Top Social Media Mistakes That Impact Negatively on Organic Traffic Generation to Websites

Staying on top of social media can be very challenging for businesses since the scenario and dynamics of social media keep on changing very rapidly. Due to this, it is not uncommon for businesses to make mistakes that lead to organic traffic volumes dipping and page ranking going for a toss.

Social Media Mistakes That Impact Negatively on Organic Traffic Generation

A quick overview of the most common mistakes and how you can set them right:

Having a Poor Social Media Strategy

Not having a specific and defined social media strategy will usually mean a complete waste of time, effort, and money. It is important to know what you seek to do through social media because you will have to structure the solution according to the requirement. Set goals that are simple, achievable, and measurable for best results.

The more you know who your target audience is the better you can engage with them meaningfully and also identify brand advocates who can take your reach to a different level.

Every social media platform has its own specific user demographics so unless you are on the right platform; the potential for generating organic web traffic is easily lost even if you are investing substantially to buy real Instagram likes.

Choosing the Wrong Social Media Networks

A common complaint is that social media marketing does not work, however, in most cases; it is the selection of the platform that has gone wrong. You should only try to engage audiences on platforms that have a proven track record of being successful with the type of audiences that are right for you. It is really important not to be on too many platforms at the same time as it dilutes your effort. If you quit posting on platforms that do not work for you, it is best not to abandon them.

Either you should close your account or install some kind of an automated content publishing system that can keep it fresh without your having to put in any effort.

Lack of Engaging Content

Whether on your website or on your social media accounts, it is really perhaps the most vital thing to publish content that is relevant, useful, and engaging. Unless users want to spend time interacting with you, your social media activities are not going to generate any traffic for your website.

Contemporary users are impatient, so try to deliver the content in the form of visuals; photographs, infographics, and videos can engage users far faster and better than text. Conducting keyword research is critical as is the use of relevant and trending hashtags to increase your discoverability.


Social media can be a very effective source of organic traffic to your website as long as your followers find it interesting. Try to avoid automation as far as possible for interacting with your followers because brand personality tends to get diluted.

However, it is also very important for you to have a consistent tone as well as posting frequency so that followers can watch out for you and not miss your posts in the massive rush of content.