Is Wella good for smoothening?

Is Wella good for smoothening?

As wella a great band the quality content is very much good and its fragrance is also very nice. It works in a very nice way and straightened and made my hair smooth. I am very happy with this product. The price of the product is also reliable.

How to apply wellastrate?

Directions For Use :

  1. First wash your hair and also condition well a night before.
  2. Next day, straighten your hair with a very good straightener.
  3. Transfer the content of the straightening cream to a bowl and apply strand by strand as you go straightening the hair.
  4. Stick the hair unto the wella straightening boards.

How to use Wella wellastrate hair straightening cream?

Blow dry your hair and again repeat the same process with the neautralizer cream this time. Use straightening board and then again let it stand for 30 min. Now shampoo your hair. Blow dry as well as straighten again. Straight hair is ready.

How much does it cost to trade stock on wellstrade?

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Where can I get a Wella straightening board?

Stick the hair unto the wella straightening boards. You will find these boards in any parlour. You can even use cardboards if you have at home. Once all the hair is straightened, let the hair stand on its own for around 30 min. Now wash off hair with clean water.