Is there an overnight train from Munich to Venice?

Is there an overnight train from Munich to Venice?

Night train ÖBB nightjet NJ40463 from Munich to Venice. The “ÖBB nightjet” overnight train NJ40463 from Munich to Venice has a journey time of 9 hours. You can buy train tickets from 29 EUR. The train connection goes via Salzburg and Udine.

What is Thello train?

Thello is an open-access train operator running international services between France and Italy. Founded in 2011, and initially set up as a joint venture between Trenitalia and Transdev, Transdev sold their share to Trenitalia in 2016.

Is there a high speed train from Paris to Venice?

Paris to Venice Train Information Departing from the Gare de Lyon station in Paris the train reaches the maximum speed of 111 miles per hour and carries you to Santa Lucia station in Venice in a little over 14 hours, covering the distance of 843 km (524 mi).

Are there any sleepers on Thello Night Train?

Thello night trains provide two main types of comfortable accommodation: Couchettes and Sleepers. Compartments in Thello sleeping cars can be booked for triple, double or single occupancy. Each comfortable compartment has a washbasin.

Where to sleep on the train from Paris to Venice?

Thello bed in a sleeper compartment on the night train Paris to Venice. Thello sleeper berth: comfortable to sleep. A Thello sleeper car. The Thello sleeper premium compartment.

Is the Thello train from Paris to Venice still running?

If you buy from, they will refund their booking fee if you email them your PNR at [email protected]. This train was suspended in March 2020… This Thello sleeper train has been suspended since March 2020. It is unlikely to run in 2021, but resumption in 2022 has not been ruled out. Updates will be posted here.

Why is the Thello train not working in France?

Because there was a strike in France, the Thello train was not working on that country so to keep the money of my reservetion, Thello offer a solution with a confortable bus (lie) fron Paris to Milan, and the Thello train from Milan to Venize… More