Is the C-130 being retired?

Is the C-130 being retired?

The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed, long-endurance, ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport, fixed-wing aircraft….Lockheed AC-130.

AC-130 Spectre/Spooky/Stinger II/Ghostrider
Retired AC-130A: 1995 AC-130H: 2015 AC-130U: 2019
Status In service
Primary user United States Air Force

How many versions of the C-130 are there?

11 variants
The C-130J family includes 11 variants and it can support more than 16 different mission requirements.

What is the difference between c130h and C-130J?

Compared to older C-130s, the J model climbs faster and higher, flies farther at a higher cruise speed, and takes off and lands in a shorter distance. The C-130J-30 is a stretch version, adding 15 feet to the fuselage, increasing usable space in the cargo compartment.

Can a civilian buy a C130?

The Super Hercules is finally available to the public. Like the legendary “legacy” C-130 Hercules series of ridiculously versatile military cargo haulers that was offered in civilian form under the L-100 designation, the C-130J Super Hercules now has a civilian variant of its own—the LM-100J.

Which are countries using C130 aircraft?

The Austrian Air Force and Portuguese Air Force each maintain one C-130. The 15th Wing of the Belgian Air Component operates 11 C-130H models. Bulgaria’s Air Force uses three C-130K, three C-130E and Three KC-130T aircraft. Denmark currently has four C-130J models at Aalborg.

What does C stand for in C-130?

“C” stands for “Cargo”. A C-130 is a cargo plane. An AC-130 is the same cargo plane that has been modified for ground attack. They have guns mounted on the side of the aircraft.

What is fuel capacity of C130?

The C-130E/H carries 6,700 gallons of fuel in six integral wing tanks. Under each wing of the C-130E/H is an external pylon fuel tank with a capacity of 1,300 gallons. A pressure refueling point is in the aft side wheel well fairing for ground refueling.

What is the range for a C-130?

Range at Maximum Normal Payload: C-130E, 1,150 miles (1,000 nautical miles) C-130H, 1,208 miles (1,050 nautical miles) C-130J, 2,071 miles (1,800 nautical miles)

Is the C-130 being retired?

Is the C-130 being retired?

The plan to phase out the RAF C-130 Hercules fleet in a couple of years has been made official. “The Royal Air Force will retire the BAe146 as planned by 2022 and take the C130 Hercules out of service by 2023.

What happened to the PAF C130?

On July 4, 2021, a Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) crashed after an attempted landing at Jolo Airport in Sulu, Philippines. With 53 deaths, of which 50 people were on the aircraft and 3 on the ground, the incident is the deadliest aviation accident in Philippine military history.

How many C-130 does the USAF have?

To date, the Air Force has taken delivery of 121 C-130J aircraft from Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics Company. Active-duty locations for the C-130 and its variations are Dyess Air Force Base, Texas; Little Rock AFB, Arkansas; Ramstein Air Base, Germany; and Yokota AB, Japan.

What aircraft is replacing the C-130?

8 Facts You Need To Know About The Airbus A400M Atlas, The Replacement For The C-130 Hercules. The Airbus A400M Atlas is a larger and more capable option for air forces looking for a heavier military cargo aircraft than the Super Hercules.

Does RAF still use c130?

In March, the defence ministry announced as part of a command review it would retire the RAF’s remaining 14 C-130Js by 2023. “Twenty-two A400Ms, alongside the C17s, will provide a more capable and flexible transport fleet,” U.K. defence secretary Ben Wallace said then.

Why is the RAF retiring C-130?

“It will be with a heavy heart that we retire the C-130 in two years’ time because it’s been an absolute workhorse, but I have absolute confidence in the A400 and what that aircraft is able to do going forward.” Half of the fleet will be the refueling variant of the Hercules, the KC-130J.

Does Philippines have C-130?

The Lockheed C-130 aircraft, of registration 5125, had only arrived in the Philippines recently. The website even quoted an air force spokesperson as saying the aircraft would provide enhanced capability for heavy airlift missions.

What is the cause of c130 crash in Philippines?

“Material, human, and environmental factors were determined by the Philippine Air Force Aircraft Accident Investigation Board as cause of the ill-fated C-130 crash in Sulu,” it added. The AFP said that based on the investigators’ report, “no single factor can be attributed to have exclusively caused the accident.”

What is bigger than c130?

The A400M from Airbus Military is one of the most advanced turboprop military transport aircraft in the world. It is currently the most versatile airlifter and intended to replace C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall aircraft. The A400M can house a payload of 37t and take-off with a maximum weight of 141t.