Is Kevin leonpacher still a detective?

Is Kevin leonpacher still a detective?

Detective Kevin Leonpacher has been with the Atlanta Police Department for 16 years. In 2010, Kevin was transferred to the Homicide Unit where he has since remained.

Is Detective Summer Benton married?

She spent several years as an undercover vice cop prior to joining homicide. Mitsch is married to a police officer and also the mother of two. Benton says she was drawn to doing the series by the opportunity to show viewers the complexity of solving murders, coupled with the depth of the grief the brutal crimes cause.

Who is Summer Benton?

Summer Benton, an Atlanta Police Department homicide detective featured on TLC’s new show ‘Women of Homicide,” can rock a fedora as if she were part of “The Untouchables.”

How much does a homicide detective make in Georgia?

The salaries of Homicide Detectives in Atlanta, GA range from $15,199 to $161,712 , with a median salary of $72,002 . The middle 57% of Homicide Detectives makes between $72,215 and $101,761, with the top 86% making $161,712.

When did detective Berhalter join the Atlanta Police Department?

After 3 tours in Afghanistan Det. Berhalter knew he still wanted to serve and make a difference, so Det. Berhalter joined the Atlanta Police Department in October 2004. Having joined homicide in January 2015, Detective Berhalter is “proud to be a homicide investigator because it is the top level of investigators.

Who was the lead detective in the Will Carter case?

In her 16 years on the job, Detective Benton has been the lead detective on 65 homicide cases. But it was the shooting death of Will Carter Jr., in the early morning hours of Sept. 13, 2013, that put the detective in the spotlight. As Benton investigated, video cameras from the reality show “Inside Homicide” were rolling.

Who was the detective in the Victoria Rickman case?

William Carter Sr .: It was Detective Benton and she explained to me that our son had been killed by Victoria Rickman. …she did say, “right now this is a self-defense case and can you help me with some details?” Erin Moriarty: When she said this was a self-defense case, what was your reaction?