Is Kenshin stronger than Hiko?

Is Kenshin stronger than Hiko?

Abilities. Hiko is the most powerful fighter in the series, vastly superior to all other characters. During Kenshin’s second training, while Kenshin seemingly was on par in sheer speed to his master, Hiko in fact greatly suppresses his true capacities beneath his 90-kilogram cloak.

What’s better Rurouni Kenshin vs Inuyasha?

Well Kenshin is strong, fast and is the master of the Hitenmitsuruge, and generally a excellent swordsman. While Inuyasha is strong and fast, but he as well is good fighting. However, they are equal in terms of strengh, speed and battle stragetegy.

Why does Jin e want to kill Kenshin?

Jin-e respects his enemies, shown when he wanted to fight Kenshin at his strongest (unlike Tatsumi who wanted to weaken Kenshin, by domesticating him, before killing him). Jin-e is also fond of instilling fear upon others, as seen when he delights in seeing the horror on the faces of his victims, before slaying them.

How is Yahiko related to Rurouni Kenshin in reflection?

Yahiko admits that Kenji is a genius and has natural talent as a swordsman. However, he knows that neither passion, discipline, nor skill would make Kenji superior to his father. So, in a final strike, Yahiko lets Kenji experience the full brunt of Kenshin’s Sakabatou, allowing Kenji to experience the strength of his father’s philosophy firsthand.

How did Jin-e paralyze Kaoru in Udo Kenshin?

Kenshin follows Jin-e’s trail to the forest, where the two duel once again. Despite Kaoru’s life being in danger, Kenshin still didn’t fight with the intent to kill, and Jin-e overwhelmed him. Not wanting to settle for Kenshin holding back, Jin-e paralyzes Kaoru so she cannot breathe using his Shin no Ippō.

Where does Rurouni Kenshin die in Samurai X Reflection?

Soon, they end up beneath a cherry blossom tree, where Kaoru tells him that they will invite everyone for a cherry blossom viewing, and continue to gather in the years to come. With the silence growing stronger, Kaoru realizes that Kenshin has died quietly in her arms.